Fashion Mugging: Casual, Chic, Neutral Style

Aug 01, 2017

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Embodying the chic effortlessness that inspires adoration from those of us who wish to keep our style simple but sophisticated, Jess of Fashion Mugging, has built a style blog that exhibits endless style for pulling the essentials together and each time doing it well. I have chosen a few of my recent favorites in this week’s Style Inspiration post, but be sure to check out her entire blog. Now living in Italy as a student, she is self-described as a French chic from Poland. Her penchant for neutrals is quite prevalent, all the while provoking one to ask the question, Why not simply stick to neutral hues if they can look this good?

With a talented eye for making versatile, approachable clothing work and work well, no matter where you might live or what your age and income, I have a feeling you will find something to be inspired to try.

~Click on any of the images to be redirected to her original post and shop the outfit.

10 thoughts on “Fashion Mugging: Casual, Chic, Neutral Style

  1. Hi Shannon! I love your posts, your podcasts, your elegant simplicity. Back in my teaching days, I wore black and white, some navy and cream for spring, along with two Liz blazers—one taupe linen, one red wool. Both purchased from Nordstrom, and both on sale. Along with some lovely earrings, that was it! After I retired, I slipped back into purchasing a mish-mash of things in a variety of patterns and colours. Waking up each morning with nothing that I wanted to wear gave me an epiphany, and a flash-back to those days. I’m now in the process of making all new purchases to follow the former black and white, with a touch of navy colour scheme for my wardrobe. Of course with some nice jeans thrown in for my casual small-village life in the Loire. I moved to Paris after retirement, and last year to the countryside, where simplicity reigns. I’ve had a passion for France from the day I stepped off the train at the Gare de Lyon, at the young age of 21. I purposed to live here someday, and “Voila” “someday” arrived six + years ago. With long-stay visa good for ten years, I am now pursuing French citizenship, which I can hold along with my American citizenship. Dreams do come true! Envy your life in Bend. It was a frequent childhood destination of my parents, as we resided in Eugene Oregon, where I was born and raised. Still remember the smell of the Ponderosa Pines, once out along Century Drive…..and fly-fishing at Wickiup Reservoir!

  2. To Madame Loire, Your writing is descriptive and rambly yet to the point. I hope you are writing in your small village Loire. My husband is retiring in the next couple of years and we plan to “do the nomad” in Europe and are francophiles. I’d love to arrange a rendezvous avec vous a quelque part! My email is I am Canadian and use black and white with flashes of red as my wardrobe; navy in our short summer.

    Shannon thank you the summer inspiration.

  3. And yes it is such a beautiful and simple look that I am bringing it back into my condo and clothing. I chose a few things in black and white out of my wardrobe to wear thru the summer. Simple yet chic AND very effortless! It also inspired me to add plants to my b/w interior..

  4. Thank you for sharing her blog. Even though I am 58 I tend to find style inspiration from younger bloggers. Younger bloggers seem to have a fresh simplicity in their clothing that I do not find in bloggers my age-to much pattern and craziness.

  5. such timeless style. i am in the process of revamping my closet to truly reflect who i am and not just wearing everything that is trending.

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