Fall Coats – Checkered, Houndstooth & Plaid

Sep 03, 2019

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Fashion Month has begun, and it is kicking off in New York City this week. And while the spring 2020 collections will be on display, it will be the fall 2019 collections that will be worn by the onlookers.

With many trends to choose from, knowing which ones to invest in actually will save us money in the long run, and one trend worth investing in as was shared in episode #259 on the podcast yesterday is a checkered, plaid or houndstooth coat.

While each of the images compiled here are from over the past three years, that is a testament to the classic choice that will be wearable and in style for years.

Currently, the new season is making the coats a bit larger, but not too oversized, strong shoulders and sometimes cinched at the waist (also a trend of the season worth investing in as shared in this year’s TSLL’s Fall Shopping Guide).

Whether wearing them casually or for a more formal event, such coats are versatile. Pair with similar hues or a brilliant bright shade such as the image above. Whatever you choose to pair with it, rest assured your effortless chic style quotient will rise.


~TSLL’s Fall Shopping Guide 2019

~Talking Fall Trends to Invest In and Shopping NYC with Stylist Tiffani Rogers, episode #259

~Why Not . . . Prep for a Great Fall?

5 thoughts on “Fall Coats – Checkered, Houndstooth & Plaid

  1. Hello…I hope you are throughly enjoying settling into your new home! I’m looking forward to cozy fall here in Wisconsin (as loathe as I am to say goodbye to warm weather and sleeveless dresses). Making lists of recipes I want to try…and looking forward to investing in a few new pieces as I seriously purged my wardrobe at the beginning of the spring/summer season. One issue I have: I own several beautiful, classic, well-fitted blazers. The weather here turns cold so quickly that a blazer is not adequate on it’s own, and proves too snug a fit underneath my fall and winter coats, which are typically cut fairly close as I’m petite and roomier coats look unflattering on me. I find my lovely blazers have a very short window in which they are worn. Any ideas to make these pieces more wearable?
    Thank you…and enjoy your school year! I retired (at 50…can that be considered retired?) last year from my reading specialist position…a difficult decision as I am passionate about children and literacy, but am looking forward to new adventures ahead. I enjoy your blog and podcasts so very much, Shannon! I find so many fabulous resources…my Amazon account is constantly quite busy thanks to you! ??

    1. Hi Jeannine, Although I am not sure just how long this idea may extend the wear of your lovely blazers, it’s possible adding warm cashmere scarves/ponchos to the blazers could help. There is a wonderful woman, named Linda V Wright, who lives in Paris and owns the cashmere shop “Crimson”. She has a wonderful instagram site. On it are many photos displaying her beautiful style, including how she layers both constructed jackets and her exquisite cashmere pieces for warmth. Linda has become one of my style icons. We are approximately the same age, and I find her approach to fashion to be timeless, and effortless (much like many french women, although she hails from Texas.). Check it out. Best wishes, Victoria

    2. Hi Jeannine, I have a suggestion. Why not wear a thin cashmere sweater underneath your blazer? The cashmere is warm, very durable and cozy. Hope that helps!

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