An Essentials Gold Mine – Theory Sale

Dec 20, 2013

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As someone who is quite particular about what I bring into my closet, I have had my eye on a few items from Theory since September. Patiently waiting, I placed my Hukkster alert on a few items and waited . . . until today.

Friday afternoon I was alerted to Theory’s 50% off sale on a long list of items that are worth taking a look at.  High quality, classic items that are all reduced a full 50% (no in betweens) and many which are essential items to complete a fall capsule wardrobe. From a camel coat, to classic black dresses and ivory cable knit sweaters that will be worn for years and years to come, if you too have been patient, your reward has finally arrived. Click here to have a look at the entire collection reduced by 50%. Below I have highlighted a few items (two of which are already on their way to my closet) that would help complete the 10 Essential Items Every Woman Should Have. After all, so long as the item is what you would pay full price for, finding it at such a grand discount make its all the sweeter. Happy shopping!


(1) Theory Elibeth Roanoke camel coat, (2) Donelly Edgewood blazer in wool blend, (3) Lasina Long Sleeve left bank dress, (4) Classic boat neck black (navy available) jersey dress, (5) Innis ivory wool sweater, (6) Dreedon Avalon charcoal wool sweater, (7) white Perfect poplin-silk top, (8) Billy Grimsel black jeans

2 thoughts on “An Essentials Gold Mine – Theory Sale

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning Hukkster! I’ve been wondering if something like this existed. My wallet will thank you!!

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