Escape to Provence with the Whole Family and Many Friends

Apr 26, 2018

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When I imagine a vacation rental in the country of France, I imagine a quaint cottage with maybe two or three bedrooms, but when I came across Luxury Retreats rental named Fleurs de Provence which includes nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms, I immediately imagined the rental to host special occasions for an entire group of dear friends and family. To relax and enjoy the gifts of local produce, warm summer air and ample bucolic grounds, what an amazing experience this rental could host.

While one night’s stay is twice to four times the average monthly mortgage payment, it doesn’t hurt to look, find inspiration and dream of perhaps an off-season getaway to remember down the road. I’ll let you enjoy the tour, and in case you are interested in learn more about the grounds, amenities and reservations, take a look here. Below I have included my favorite rooms in this abode, from the outdoor kitchen to the stone carved soaking tub as well as the sun-filled reading room. But there is much more to see, so do enjoy.



~Provence Inspired 

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~French Cottage Charm

6 thoughts on “Escape to Provence with the Whole Family and Many Friends

  1. How gorgeous!!! I’ll also note that I did the math, and if you actually had 18 people stay there, the price per night per person would be $187-$355 (depending on time of year I imagine), which is pretty comparable to a nice/luxury hotel. When you break it down like that, it doesn’t seem quite as far out of reach. Just imagine it for a destination wedding or family reunion! Assuming you’d want to be that close to all your family, lol.

  2. Why not?
    Great for a group stay for a special occasion. The outdoor kitchen is a cook’s dream and love the stone bath?

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