Luxurious English Cozy Decor in Texas

Mar 26, 2020

Mentored by two well-known and revered interior designers Bunny Williams and Michael Smith, Meredith Ellis has a skill for creating a sophisticated home layered in colors and patterns cultivating a welcoming, long-lived-in feeling that is instantly comforting, and she’s been doing so for over 20 years.

Now located in Austin, Texas, Meredith also founded James, a line of highly curated fine artisanal textiles, wallpapers, lighting and carpets from around the world. So while most of us would not be able to afford an interior designer, we certainly can be inspired by her eye of combinations and peruse the offerings to shop our own.

When I first saw the tour of this home located in Dallas, Texas, I was certain it must be mistaken. Looking quite similar to homes and rooms one might see in House & Garden UK, the layers of prints and fabrics, the mixing of unexpected hues, yet all the while creating combinations that are soothing, calming, warm and work seemingly effortlessly.

Take the yellow print chair above (one of two dining room chairs). The yellow softens the dominant blue on the walls and window coverings. And again in the lounge just below, the combining of blue and green prints and stripes looks fitting, but would not have immediately come to my untrained eye to try. However, they work wonderfully. The neutral rug calms it all down and brings it all together.

Enjoy the rooms I have hand-selected and tour the entire home here, and shop the James showroom online here or in person in Austin, Texas.

Images via Meredith Ellis Design

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