Ellen Pompeo’s Copper

May 16, 2019

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I couldn’t help but let my jaw drop when I saw Ellen Pompeo’s recent spotlight of her copper collection in Veranda. Copper pans may appear tedious to keep polished, but they are a joy in the kitchen (read a detailed post from the archives on copper). Both functional and beautiful to display in the kitchen, acquiring the pieces we need takes time and some investment, but not always, depending upon where you find them and how you choose to polish them.

While I have been gifted Mauviel copper, a 10″ skillet I use every morning, I have also found copper treasures at my local secondhand boutiques, as well as on my travels in France at prices far below what full retail would ask. With a little bit of polish – lemon, sea salt and vinegar as recommended by Cat of Rabbit Hill – using a rag, paper towel or 4x steel wool, you can effortlessly keep your copper polished.

Whether you already have a copper collection, are considering getting started or are right in the middle, which is where I find myself, be patient, enjoy the treasure hunt and with each discovery, if you’re like me, dance with delight.

View a tour of Ellen Pompeo’s entire home in Los Angeles here, and tour her recent dinner party spread for Veranda here.

Image via Veranda

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