Effortlessly French

Aug 08, 2017

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While effortless does indeed take time to conceptualize for each individual, once you understand what works well together on your body and for your life, the decisions are fairly simple. As seen in the outfits compiled in today’s Style Inspiration post, there are no overt labels, no excessive accessorizing, but rather beautiful individuals exhibiting ease and confidence. In other words, the clothes remain in the background and enable the woman to shine.

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6 thoughts on “Effortlessly French

  1. You have chosen examples well. Not much jewelry. No scarves–yes, French women wear scarves, but not when it’s hot. The hair is natural, not super-straightened. The clothes and shoes are made for walking. The elegance comes from being easy, not forced or uncomfortable.

  2. While personal style is curated over time, these are good examples of how one can start to develop the core design that works well for your body. Trends come and go and are best utilized in accessories I think. The lady should wear the clothes, not the clothes wear the lady! Lovely post.

  3. I recently came across you podcast and I must say they are so inspirational. I’ve started to build my capsule wardrobe. I’m on my way to a simply luxurious life.

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