Details, Details, Details

Feb 09, 2017

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The most impressive decor, no matter what aesthetic you gravitate towards, is a result of the decorator, the owner of the sanctuary or the inhabitants tending to the details. A beautifully decorated home reflects thoughtfulness, careful consideration and patience, much like a well-lived life.

The moment we step into our homes, we cannot snap our fingers and materialize the sanctuary we dream of. No. We must live, experience and exist in the home first and then, the right details, with a careful eye, fall into perfect place. Featured in San Francisco Cottages & Gardens in 2014, this Mill Valley home just outside of the Golden Gate destination reveals the subtle details make the finishing touch. From a family heirloom 19th-century French barometer clock in the entry (see just below), to a burst of yellow in each of the common rooms on the first floor, even the upholstery while subtle offers the encouragement to smile and find your happy place. Upstairs as well, with the Kneedler wallpaper, matching wooden twin beds and even in the powder room finished with blue faux-bois wallpaper is from Nobilis, the details make the difference between a living in a home or a house. Enjoy the tour, and learn more about the master mind behind the interior design, Benjamin Dhong and his approach here.


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Images via San Francisco Cottages & Gardens

7 thoughts on “Details, Details, Details

  1. Thank you so much for highlighting one of our favorite projects!

    We had a limited budget and needed to recycle a lot of unloved and overlooked pieces…but great design comes from limitations!

    Cheers to you and your readers!

    Ben Dhong

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