Decor Inspiration: Contemporary Chic in the City

Nov 11, 2014


With high ceilings, ample natural light, beautiful hardwood floors and a floor to ceiling marble bathroom, this Greenwich Village duplex offers a tranquil respite after for its new homeowner after chasing their dreams in the city. For a mere nine million dollars, the rooftop terrace could provide an ideal way to relax outdoors without heading out of town.

While I know such a place is all but impossible to acquire, what I take away from it is the use of large statement wall decor which eliminates all need for excess, unique contemporary seating that is neutral in hue allowing the inhabitants to bring their own flavor and a respect for open spaces which allow the lives who reside within the walls to fill the space rather than be limited. Enjoy the tour. (click here to learn more)




2 thoughts on “Decor Inspiration: Contemporary Chic in the City

  1. High ceilings, white walls and hardwood floors do make a good base for all styles of decor I think.
    This is a lovely place, the only thing that I am not too keen on is the wood panelling in the hall and on the wall going up the stairs, I would have preffered white paint but maybe it is cupboards or storage space?

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