Style Inspiration: Creative Winter Warmth

Dec 01, 2015

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As mentioned last weekend, the cold freezing weather has arrived and warmth, when it comes to dressing, is a necessity. But just because we need to be warm doesn’t mean we have to let go of style. Today’s Style Inspiration offers signature style touches in simple accessorizing (see below) or playful staple choices (see above). All can endure a variety of chilly elements, but each reveal the unique individual beneath the vestments.

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3 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Creative Winter Warmth

  1. What lovely styles you’ve featured!

    My winter wardrobe essentials are: turtlenecks, socks, boots, a warm winter coat complete with gloves, hat and scarves. As stylish as the above look, I would be chilled to the bone and miserable without my essentials.

  2. You got a point there, Talia. 😉 Where I live, those outfits would be nice for _fall_. Winter can bring temperatures in the negative 30s. If need be (and in the 20 or 30 below cases it may well need be!), I choose _warm_ over stylish. You know, when the weather man is struggling to find different words for yet another level of “freezing-your-behind-off cold”. 😀
    That said… I love those looks. For “not quite so cold” weather as we may soon get. 😉

  3. Over the years, I have invested in beautiful coats, boots and accessories so I look simply luxurious even when it is minus 40 up here in Canada! I especially love the cashmere hats and scarves from Lord and Taylor. I have a leopard scarf and a red hat that I wear with a burberry black coat and Stewart Weitzman boots. For a sporty look I wear black north face down boots with a rose lulu lemon jacket, my leopard scarf and a black casmere hat. This year I inveseted in a pair of leather gloves with rabbit cuffs from Lord and Taylor. Ooh la la!

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