A Cozy Cottage

Sep 14, 2010

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In one of my long lost, but not forgotten shelter magazines, Cottage Living, designer Tia Zoldan shared with readers a tour of her cottage-like home in a village near downtown Hollywood.  This 1920s cottage is classic in its appeal, but comfortable in its approach.

If there is one style of home I gravitate towards most it is a cottage style home with its welcoming spirit, but also charming decor. Take a tour and see if you could find yourself cozied up in an armchair at the end of the evening winding down with a delightful and engrossing book. Enjoy.


Images via of My Home Ideas

14 thoughts on “A Cozy Cottage

  1. I love in a cottage, and it’s incredible. There’s always plenty of upkeep, though–I really would love a huge, tiled bathroom of my own someday, but plumbing or roofing or rebuilding always seem to take precedence over modernization, at least at our house!

  2. I just love this house. I especially love the windoews and the way the curtains just billow down to the floor. Very pretty. Thank you so much for sharing these. Beverley

  3. Such a beautifully cozy place. I love older homes. They speak to me. If someone doesn’t know what that means, I guess old homes don’t speak to them! My house is a 1929 tudor and has the curved arch at the front door, plaster walls, moldings & wood floors. It spoke to me loud and clear the first time I entered and I’ve been here 10 years.

  4. What a dream home. Modern homes have no heart to me. I live in a darling little cottage in Santa Barbara that I wish I owned. I absolutely love the feeling of older spaces, and I also love my cottagey furnishings and artwork. Makes me feel so comfortable.

  5. I’m getting a new roof and I would love to know the name of your shingles and color. ( please) I’m tired of looking at samples…..lol

    1. Rachael, I am. It sure, but if you click through on the images, it will take you to the original source and likely make that information available. Thank you for stopping by the blog. 😌

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