I Want to Live Here – A Simple, Restored Cottage

Aug 08, 2018

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Decor magazines, which in my definition includes Victoria as well as The English Home, are the hardest magazines to leave my home to be recycled because there is an abundance of inspiration, and I never know when I might need what that issue from five years ago offered in spades.

However, subscribing to every single magazine that catches my eye for decor is probably not the best idea (I do subscribe to a few – have a look here). An alternative choice that saves a bit of money and allows me to be more selective is to pick up issues that I know include homes or design ideas I want to keep for future reference. In such cases, I buy that one issue.

Veranda‘s July/August 2018 issue is just the sort of issue that will be purchased and kept as inspiration for ideas of my new home when I have the opportunity final purchase my forever sanctuary.

Why? Today’s Decor Inspiration home which is a fully restored Connecticut country cottage.

And it is a cottage. Small, petite and requiring the designers to be thoughtful about color choices as to not shrink the rooms, as well as furniture that is functional, but beckoning for days and nights of comfort.

I am hopeful the issue includes exterior images as well, but either way, check out the layout of the dining room above: the alcove of windows, the fireplace and the hardwoods.  The use of white walls and white painted wood detail enlarges the living spaces throughout the home, and the clawfoot tub makes me long for my clawfoot tub which I placed in my former 1930s Normandy home. There are even more images to see and an introduction to the owners Michael DePerno and Andrew Fry (who are both interior designers) on Veranda’s profile piece, so be sure to hop over there if this home catches your eye as well.

Don’t you just love the pop of color offered by the Black-eyed Susans? Now that is something any of us can do today to zhush up our living space. Okay, I’ll let you peruse at your leisure. Enjoy the tour!

~purchase this single issue of July/August 2018, Veranda here~

9 thoughts on “I Want to Live Here – A Simple, Restored Cottage

  1. Ohhhh I love it too! I love the creamy white off-set by the dark old wood. And the fireplaces! That is a dream cottage, and I can just picture a little spaniel flopped down on the floor, little ears spread out with big eyes looking up 🙂 There is nothing like the character of an old home with its old features. We are lucky enough to live in an old craftsman, and it is still solid as a rock (well– knock on wood!! Lots of vintage well build wood! lol)

  2. In 1995 I purchased “This Old House” in Minneapolis which is a 1925 Arts & Craft home where the original dark wood was never painted. I adore the pictures of white trim with its clean brightness shown above but then I look at the trim work here and know what a trial it would be to undo when the trend changes. So I suffer from #tooafraidtopullthetrigger! Only my bedroom has white trim and I am comfortable with that because a north-facing room requires an extra splash of light. So I’ll be driving to pick up these mags today and dream a bit! Thank you.

  3. That bathroom is so pretty, and the kitchen exterior door is such a nice accent in with the white, I love large doors with big panes of glass for kitchens.

  4. Beautifully decorated.A lovely cottage to call your own. I can just picture you with the boys on that sofa. Love the all white background with splashes of wood and colour?

  5. A little late to the party…i, too, purchase mags. It’s a fetish. I know. I also read English Home, Classic Home, Cottage Journal, etc.
    Love the cottage. Would enjoy seeing more. We live in ’48 Cape Cod. About to reno kitchen and, hopefully, bump out.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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