Comfortable Cotswolds Sophistication

Jan 31, 2019

Everything about each of the rooms included in today’s home encourages . . . no . . . implores guests and residents to slow down, sit down and relax.

In fact, when designer Joanna Platt took the reins to bring the house back to life, but keep the romantic tone, she took one of the best spare rooms and plopped a freestanding tub in the triptych bay window (see below).

Let me soak here all day long.

From the simple, French antique kitchen table, the upholstered armchairs and plush sofas, bring a suitcase of books (or a well-stocked Kindle), your favorite pajamas and of course your wellies, and a country getaway to this Cotswold’s home would be complete.

~Tour the entire home here and learn more about the interior design process.

~Images via House & Garden UK

2 thoughts on “Comfortable Cotswolds Sophistication

  1. The windows and color on the walls define the home. Now, every decor blog, magazine, show house (at least in my area) television rehab is white, on white, with a hint of gray. Boring. Really boring and not a drop of personality.

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