Comfort & Style for Travel

Mar 19, 2019

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Spring Breaks and holidays are just around the corner, if you aren’t already enjoying yours, which means for many, travel plans will be savored and thoughtful wardrobe choices are most likely being considered if they haven’t already been planned.

Chloe Malle recently wrote an article for WSJ’s Off Duty section on the topic of traveling in style – chic, yet comfortable, and initially, I was hesitant as the shift is away from structure and toward elasticity – sort of.

TSLL readers may already know who Chloe Malle is: a contributing style editor for Vogue and the daughter of Candice Bergen of Murphy Brown. Having followed her for a while now on Instagram, she is a source I consider to be as down-to-earth as one can be in the world of fashion. And as someone who travels extensively for her job, when her new article caught my eye this weekend, it was seeing her name that made me consider trusting what she had to share.

Sharing the truths of modern air travel – far less leg space, long lines in which to wait, not to mention more seats scrunched into a cabin – I began to reconsider how I might adjust what I wear when I have the opportunity to hop on a plane again.

While I am not entirely comfortable wearing leggings on the plane, wearing comfortable pants that move and breathe is much more comfortable and can be chic when shopped well. Look for stretch, but structure as shown in the pants below. Dresses as well are a traditional and trusted option that I also enjoy, especially in the summer with a flowing maxi dress layered with a light jacket.

But winter is only transitioning into spring, not summer As of this week, so I took some of Malle’s advice, shopped around a bit and found an outfit that will not only look chic, but will certainly be comfortable during the flight no matter how long.

~AYR Lunar jacket

~Stuart Weitzman The Adly leather sneaker~
~M. Gemi Pastoso Italian leather loafers (more colors)~
~AYR The Riser – “Stretchy, soft but won’t stretch out – holds you in”~
~Vince Saddle Sleeve Cashmere sweater~

Bon voyage and may your upcoming getaway offer the respite you are seeking.

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~Image: Harper’s Bazaar

10 thoughts on “Comfort & Style for Travel

  1. Love this! I’ll be traveling to Portland, OR for a conference next week so this could not have come at a more perfect time.

  2. One day while people-watching at a busy airport I thought to myself, gee all these people look like they’re dressed for the gym. Then I looked again and realized they were running and schlepping heavy stuff, sweating and anxious about getting where they needed to go. So, while I don’t love it, in one sense they were appropriately dressed. Thank you, Shannon, for pointing out that we can look stylish and be comfortable too. Who wants to start out on a vacation looking schlumpy anyway? (Is that even a word?)

    1. It is a tricky balance, and each of us will know what we will need to feel comfortable based on how we travel, but as you said, it is good to know attaining both comfort and style is possible. Thanks for your comment Deborah. 🙂

  3. Some lovely items here. I just traveled to the US and back (got home yesterday) and my favorite on the trip were my wool slippers for the plane and hotel and a silk scarf.

  4. A very nice selection. I would prefer cashmere pants than jeans for travelling, but these stretchy soft jeans by AYR The Riser would also work very well during long flights. The white cashmere sweater looks very comfy and cozy.

  5. I travel a fair amount for business and personal. One of the things I do for me is to make a great outfit using comfortable pieces that I feel great in. Cashmere is wonderful to travel in. I always have a pashmina along for that air that blows down my neck on planes. There are some jeans that are comfortable enough for 8-14 hours on a plane but I have also found black ponte pants that are very stylish while remaining extremely comfortable. Why not make an outfit and bother to add a necklace or accessory that pulls it all together? Loved this article!

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