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Mar 07, 2014

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3.7.14 ~recipe for Meyer Lemon Coconut Bon Bons~

Weekends at home are something I gleefully look forward to. With time to leisurely go about business, lose track of time and enjoy the comfort of the sanctuary created, it is these beloved weekends that are so very restorative and offer up time to explore and savor simple luxuries.

Whether you are traveling or able to stay at home as well, may you have time to relax, unwind and catch your breath after the week that is wrapping up. Maybe a delightful book is calling your name, a magazine or two or a new recipe beckons your talents in the kitchen. Whatever is drawing your attention, enjoy. Here are a few posts and pictures from around the web I thought you might enjoy.

~What you Learn in Your 40s . . . based on last Monday’s post focused on one’s 30s, many of you asked me to write a post about a woman’s 40s. While I’m can’t speak to that yet, I found this post and thought it to be worth reading.

~Supermodel Karlie Kloss Sets Up Her First Home in New York City (with help from Nate Berkus)

~And, while the Oscars have come and gone, and there were many well coiffed and styled stars, it was Lupita Nyong’O whose style did not disappoint. And that has been the case this entire season. Her stylist, Micaela Erlanger (who also styles Michelle Dockery), has succeeded at employing Lupita’s beauty to introduce the world-at-large to her theatric talent. Have a look at her style in just the past few months. In a word, simply luxurious . . .


~Lupita Nyong’O in Prada with her Best Supporting Actress for 12 Years a Slave~

lupitaaa lupitab lupitac

~BAFTAs in Christian Dior couture~

lupitad~with Vogue editor Anna Wintour during Fashion Week~

lupitae~2014 Golden Globes in Ralph Lauren~ 

lupitaf lupitag


Have a lovely weekend and until a new Petit Plaisir is shared, bonjour!

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3 thoughts on “Brilliant & Sweet

  1. Those Meyer Lemon Coconut Bon Bons look extremely yummy! As for Lupita, you can’t get better than that amazing cape dress by Ralph Lauren! Actually, I would like to have all of those outfits in my closet 🙂


  2. OK, Shannon – you are trying to reach ROCKSTAR status in my book!!! I am thrilled
    (and almost speechless) to see you feature Lupita Nyong’O on your blog! She is incredibly beautiful. THANK YOU!!!

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