Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Dec 13, 2016

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It has taken me time to build a winter wardrobe that both kept me warm and as well as stylish, and while I am still making tweaks (this wool/cashmere camel trench is begging to come home with me – a similar option here and here), gradually it is coming together. Part of the reason it has taken time is that winter outerwear items are investments. But on the flip-side, they last for many years. Whether you are looking for a long wool coat, an at-the-knee belted blend coat, or maybe even a cape (as seen below), explore to find what works for your style and then be willing to pounce when you see it on sale during the end-of-season sales this time of year. While I have made some purchases that initially appeared to be a bargain, it was the coats that I had to save up for that I continue to wear today (however, don’t forget to check out your local consignment shop, as sometimes you can find amazing pieces for a fraction of the price). (Find a similar navy long wool-blend coat here.)

Enjoy some winter style inspiration and shop a few discounted items I found while shopping online below.

~find similar winter white coats here and here~

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12 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. I love coats!!! (even though I live in Austin, Texas and don’t get to wear coats nearly often enough). I have had great luck finding beautiful coats at affordable prices by purchasing them at the end of the season. As with so many seasonal items, they often go on sale (sometimes at huge discounts) as the Spring items start coming into stores. It may mean that you have to wait 6 months to wear it, but if it’s an investment piece, with classic style, you’ll be so happy to have it when the next winter rolls around.

  2. Beautiful but I see skin. Shoes without socks, bare legs,etc. do not work in the northern or northeast part of the US. TOO COLD.

    1. I agree, the outfits are beautiful but could never understand how people wear heavy coats/sweaters and have bare legs and ankles. That’s the part of me that gets the coldest!

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