Coats for September

Aug 29, 2017

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It is nearly time to grab, or at least have at the ready, your summer-to-fall coat. And whether you prefer a trench, a wrap, a driving coat or perhaps leather as shown above, now is the time to scope out the options. Fall collections have just arrived in shops and online stores, and while I’ve done some shopping for you at the end of the post, be sure to stop by on Friday (September 1st) when TSLL 2017 Fall Style Guide is released here on the blog (view Spring 2017’s Style Guide here).





11 thoughts on “Coats for September

  1. Ooo… that reminds me, that with the cooler weather coming ’round, I’ll get to wear my beloved sweater-coat again! I bought it on a whim in a consignment shop, because when I tried it on, I fell in love with it! To me, that is the perfect way to buy clothes: buy things that you fall in love with. Alas, this happens so rarely, and one must wear clothes in the meantime, so there are a few placeholders in my wardrobe, waiting to be replaced by a piece that inspires love.

  2. Great post Shannon, however living here in Spain we generally go overnight from summer to winter so I usually use a blazer rather than a winter coat.
    Last year from Uniqlo I bought a pashmina type wrap but its shaped to fit around your neck and hangs beautifully, I got the first in navy blue and used it so much as a wrap and big cozy scarf that when I went next to London I got a second in mid grey. I can’t find them on their website but when I am in London next week I will be looking for some more they were only about £15.00 and wash and wear beautifully.
    I also have a fuchsia trench that I got in a sale about 5 years ago I got it half price and its just perfect and cheers me up on a rainy day and gets lots of comments.

    I also have a long length Brown trench with gold buttons in a silky fabric. I love the trench and they can be dressed up and down and styles with the belt and I often change the
    Winter coats here in Spain are generally the padded type very warm and lightweight this I have noticed is what most european women tend to wear rather than wool coats.
    Thanks again for a great post

  3. Another Uniqlo fan!! I am in Canada and we do usually get a gorgeous long fall. I am in San Francisco next week and will check out the camel Uniqlo coats. I said last year I would buy a camel coat for fall and didn’t! I have also fallen in love with the idea of a navy pea coat like Isabelle de la Fressange has in her look book. I have a black burberry trench and a long grey sweater coat from Judith and Charles, who are Canadian designers. I have the Hermes pashmina of the circus which I manage to wear most days from spring to fall! I have already had a huge return on my investment. Hasta luego!

  4. I love your podcast and your blog Shannon, but as most bloggers have stopped and done was recognized the things going on in the world, namely in our country- HARVEY. Thousands of people (some of your listeners) are scrambling for shelter and trying to save their families lives. As Heather Clawson of habitually chic said “Habitually Chic has always been about pretty pictures and a place to get away the troubles of the day. But it’s hard to figure out what to post when many people are experiencing a natural disaster.” than she posted where people can donate to help. I love you Shannon, but this post (and it’s lack on mentioning Harvey) came off as a little tone-deaf considering what’s going on. It’s your blog and I know it’s a place of escape from the outside world, but when the outside world is suffering, you can’t expect your readers to focus on spending on a coat for sale and see past the most luxurious thing of all; compassion for those in need.

    1. Amanda, I can completely understand what you are speaking to regarding compassion and awareness. It is clear you have a huge heart and a love for humanity. Being aware of what has been going is on my mind; however, I would ask from you understanding of why a blogger may not post immediately or in the fashion you would prefer. I have had a few upheavals this past weekend and the post for today was already created and queued. With more knowledge of all that is going on in Houston, my upheavals have certainly been put into perspective, as well I have been careful to find information I trust before passing it along. You can check out my IG page for an image from a TSLL follower who calls Houston home which also includes credible ways to help in any way you or others can. As well, I wanted to make sure I did post something that was helpful not just for attention. I do hope the IG links are of assistance, and I will be staying alert for more information to pass along to readers in the coming days (most likely on Friday’s This & That). Thank you for your understanding and may our thoughts and prayers be with Houston and the surrounding area during this time of loss and devastation.

      1. Thank you Shannon, I appreciate your kind reminder that yes, understanding is needed on your readers part. In a “me-first” world, it doesn’t hurt thinking of others too and I’m thankful for your thoughtful response.

      2. I appreciate the sensitivity and thoughtfulness of the writer, but I do want to add my voice as someone who does not read blogs for their responses to news of the world or disasters. I read The NY Times, The Guardian, and emergency response pages for that and for information on how to help. A lifestyle blog is — for me — a brief respite from all that is taking place. I understand that we are all different in our expectations.

        1. Pamela, I do appreciate your comment and addition to the conversation. I do the exact same thing regarding where I go for news versus life inspiration, so I understand. What prompted me to respond in a formal way on the blog was that I heard directly from TSLL readers sharing with me their stories and what they were enduring and to not respond, to not do something to help, no matter how small would have not sat well with me. TSLL is a community and I want to honor and support those who support this destination of what is usually life inspiration, beautiful ideas for living well and an appreciation for an elevated quality of life in the everyday. I appreciate your understanding and just wanted to make sure the entire context was shared. Thank you for your time and interest. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

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