Classic Coat Sophistication

Apr 04, 2017

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One aspect of different cultures and cities that I enjoy observing and attempting to interpret when I travel and am meandering about the city streets are the common style trends. After spending two days in Seoul, one style observation I noted was their brilliant choice of coats. All ages, men and women donned well-tailored, classic coats. Most were below the waist, and while many were black, the look was simple, sophisticated and cultivated an air of confident simplicity.

However, from experience, while it is easy to know which coat we want and perhaps which color, finding the proper size can be quite the task. An approach that works for me typically is ordering larger than I might expect, and often, due to my broad shoulders I have chosen just right. Even if I haven’t, I can at least take it to a tailor. Below I’ve done some shopping of you. Since we are kicking off spring, most of the coasts are trenches, but not all. Be sure to have a look and be inspired to add a beautiful capsule coat to your wardrobe.

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7 thoughts on “Classic Coat Sophistication

      1. Yes, that seems to work for the other images, but not the one I’m referring to! I’ve checked your HTML and that image doesn’t have an (a href) link.

  1. There used to be the concept of a spring coat. It offered warmth, especially if closed, but without any indication of winter, such as fur or down. It could be in an Easter egg color like pink or mint green, or a primary color like red or yellow, or even black and white stripes. It was just the thing for March and even sometimes in April when a coat is needed but you are sick to death of winter.
    I have a classic trench with a zip-out lining, which helps it go from March to May. As the season progresses, I find myself switching from a thick pashmina, like the one shown above, to a silk square in a bright color.

  2. The best jacket is fourth one donning beige spring rain coat; although the hand bag is a bit much; I don’t think that she has ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ in there; but perhaps, just the sink for such a big bag. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Always look forward your podcast on a Monday morning. My navy trench coat was one of my best buys ever. It makes me feel so chic on cool or rainy days when wearing a coat would be appropriate.
    I like to wear something very plain underneath so that the coat takes centre stage.


    Lizer Pearl

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