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May 04, 2017

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Quality, intelligent living. Many of the principles at the foundation of Hawkins New York, a lifestyle company founded by designers Nicholas Blaine and Paul Denoly in 2013 offering quality, accessible home goods, are the principles shared with the simply luxurious living concept. And as I was virtually touring their restored 1750s farmhouse which the two bought in 2011, the kitchen captured my attention immediately.

Functional and stylish, simplified, yet not bare as to reveal the personality and purposeful aesthetics echoing the building in which it resides. From the copper topped glass canisters for grains and baking materials, the leather handled baskets for potatoes and onions, to the white ceramic canisters full of wood utensils, stepping into their kitchen would be a treat as everything one might need to cook a nourishing meal is at the ready. Not only is the space thoughtfully organized, it is also mindfully curated as the shelves below are reclaimed floor panels mounted as floating shelves. Brilliant! Be sure to tour the entire farmhouse at Domino here


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6 thoughts on “Chic & Organized

  1. there is something to be said about being organized. Thank you for sharing all the way from Portland; don’t mean to take time away from owner of blog with my woes or what have you. It is lovely site.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Living in Bend, Oregon, and being able to reach readers around the world is something I do not take lightly. 🙂 Have a lovely day and thank you for your time.

  2. My good friend lives in Bend. I made it to Portland last month for the first time but was not able to make it all the way to Bend, next time I hope.

  3. Hi Shannon,
    Love this!! I am an organizer, it truly brings me peace and calmness.
    I thank you all the way from Colorado for everything you post. I stumbled upon this website maybe a year or more ago, and it has given me so much!!!
    Also my husband and I were in Bend April 21-28th, for the first time. Fell in love with it!! While driving around Bend even stumbled upon a restaurant you posted and The Sparrow Bakery! Very fun.

  4. We too have been to Bend. A side overnight at the Oliver? We were in Portland for a month of sabbatical from clients day to day projects. Confirmed that nearly all design can now be done virtually. This helps clients with their schedules as well.-Laurel Bledsoe

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