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Mar 14, 2014

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~recipe for Vanilla Custard Slice~

Tulips are beginning to emerge and brightening the days, and the yards are beginning to be manicured and polished. The rain especially is a welcome sight as it prompts even more of the foliage that is a sign of spring’s arrival.

This week on the blog a new weekly addition was added, click here to see the inaugural post, and a handful of decor posts were shared as to keep with the announcement. I hope the upcoming weekend is one you’re eager to enjoy, and until the weekend’s Petit Plaisir post is shared, bonjour!

A few posts to enjoy and provoke thought as well as a brief tour of SJP’s NYC digs as well as s few probing questions you have always wanted to know.

~Domino continues to inspire . . . 10 Essentials for a Chic Home Office

~“Bossy and the other B-word” . . . Sheryl Sandberg and Anna Maria Chavez share their thoughts

~and in rebuttal . . . Don’t Ban Bossy from The New Yorker and from Vogue Why Sheryl Sandberg’s Brand of Feminism Isn’t For Me

~I Love Paris in the Springtime . . . Vogue Living shares images of the beauty that is just around the corner in the City of Light

~Whether to Consider a Career Change . . . Verily magazine offers some thoughtful commentary

~And the stylish and lovely Sarah Jessica Parker takes Vogue into her home in the West Village to answer the quickest 73 questions ever . . . some of my favorite answers to the questions: favorite activity in New York City “walking”, how to describe NYC “symphonic” . . . and that’s just at the beginning of my list. Enjoy! (and shop her new shoe collection here).


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