Can’t Get Enough of Camel

Nov 07, 2017

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Warmth is the clothing preference at the moment, primarily because, well, the weather as of late has been moderate, lovely and ideal. But that is changing which means warm coats, oodles of wool and the dependable classics come out of the closet.

Among those classics is camel. Whether you are looking for the classic camel wool or cashmere coat, camel pants, sweater dress or blazer, so long as the shade complements your skin tone, you can rest assured camel will undoubtedly be in style for decades to come and a investment wouldn’t be a bad idea.

I have shopped a few coats at varying prices down below, and this classic style wool belted coat from Mango is on pre-sale now and worth checking out. Discover inspiration in today’s post and perhaps put on your wishlist a coat to keep your eye one when the sales come around in about 6-8 weeks.




~Cozy Camel

~Winter White, Camel & Casual

~Cashmere, Camel & Cozy Fall Attire

5 thoughts on “Can’t Get Enough of Camel

  1. That Mango coat is gorgeous! I truly do not need another coat (especially since I live in Austin, Texas where coats are unnecessary for most of the year), but a great camel wrap coat is something that’s been on my wish list for a while. So classic and lovely. I’ve saved this one to my Shoptagr account! 🙂

  2. Yay! Thanks for this style inspiration! I just ordered Everlane Cacoon coat in camel and can’t wait to wear it. Such a classic & versatile color!

  3. I love camel and I agree that Mango coat is fabulous! But I am spellbound by that gorgeous green bag? Do you know where it is from Shannon?

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