Brexit Decision Day!

Jun 23, 2016

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It is a big, decisive day today in Britain, as citizens will vote to decide whether to leave the EU (European Union) or stay. The Brexit vote as it has been coined. Unless you have purposely ignored the news of the day, you’ve no doubt heard at least the term if not arguments for both sides repeatedly since early this spring when it was announced the vote would take place.

The last time Britain voted on this very topic was in 1975 (two years after joining the EU) and the result was 67% to remain. But this go-around, speculation isn’t confident the vote will be as decisive for either side. Turn-out of the youth is expected to play a significant role, and with the tragic murder of Jo Cox, a member of Parliament last week, the engagement is clearly emotional and intense.

If you’re wondering about all of the details, who’s on which side and why and what the potential economic effects might be for Britain, the EU and the world, be sure to check out this simple article from The New York Times which breaks it all down quite nicely.

However, since I am not a British citizen and can only watch from the other side of the pond to see how it will all work out, I thought I would bring you a tour of a beautiful Cotswolds cottage that is sure to ameliorate your angst at least momentarily, should you have any about this significant decision.

The home of London designer Caroline Holdaway and her photographer partner, Fatimah Namdar,  House & Garden UK magazine took readers inside the cozy and welcoming space. From interior careful attention to adorn, but not too much to the exterior exquisiteness where their pups lounge in great content enjoy a mini tour, and for the entire tour, click here.







All images via House & Garden UK

9 thoughts on “Brexit Decision Day!

  1. A “no” vote will be back for the EU and worse for the U.K. A favorite European pastime is criticizing the EU for imposing laws. However, the EU comes up with ways to “harmonize” disparate national laws, so individuals and companies don’t face different rules every time they cross (or do business across) a European border; the EU issues directives–the outlines of the harmonized laws–and it’s still up to the individual countries to pass laws that jibe with the directives.
    I was already living in Europe when Schengen took effect. What a change. (The U.K. never signed the Schengen agreement). You can get a taste of “before” in the very funny French movie, “Rien à Déclarer” with Benoît Poelvoorde and Dany Boon.

  2. Very emotional day for many British today, we have of course voted as despite living in France we have lived in the UK within the last 15 years and so are able to have our say. Our eldest daughter is in London today and has been for two weeks, she says it is all anyone is talking about. She is proudly wearing her “remain” sticker and she says there is a nod of acknowledgement and a secret smile between all of those wearing them. I pray for my home country today that they see sense.

  3. Isn’t it interesting the different opinions and perspectives people have. I am a British expat living in Australia and voted to leave the EU, so today I am happy with the decision that’s been made. Makes me want to move back home. Whilst we may not all agree on the outcome, we must all remember how lucky we are to live in a society where we are free to voice our opinions and to be heard. Whatever the final outcome, not today but in the years of transition to come, I hope that Britain returns to being Great Britain. Happy Friday everyone!!

  4. The vote has been very close and as some one who voted leave, I am in one way happy that the country has been asked and that democracy works. I am also on the other hand saddened as many people are feeling a loss today but if I am truthful the whole this is very emotional. I am hoping that now the political situation in Britain can now be resolved and settled. I am Scottish and voted No in our own referendum but we have the threat of another always in the news. This is destroying our country. Hopefully we can all work together to make a positive future. My reason for voting has always been that the UK is a great country and we have a lot of positives. I believe in our country and hopefully I and the other leave voters will not be disappointed. I am looking forward to joining the world.

  5. Hi,I am a British citizen and chose to leave the EU.I know at the moment we may have a period of unrest,but I do not regret my decision.I am proud to be British and hope we will work together as a nation and make it GREAT BRITIAN again.

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