Bold & Neutral & Beautiful

Mar 20, 2018

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Make just the perfect pitch of a statement and then soften the edges with a neutral pairing.

Once you know your skin tone (cool or warm), choose a bold color that accentuates your skin, makes your eyes and hair radiate warmth and natural beauty, and then finish the look with an additional neutral separate or shoe. From the bright ensemble items above, the bold pink midi skirt, the red ruffled blouse and the green skirt and print blouse, it is the finishing with the neutral tan sweater and brown pumps, the dark denim jeans and the nude sandals that reveals the savvy of the woman wearing the outfit.

When we balance the boldness of color in our wardrobe with a neutral partner, the bold speaks at just the right volume while the neutral grounds your style without squashing it.

Today, take a look at your closet, which neutrals are strong versatile quality separates: shoes, pants, sweaters, blouses, etc.? And then take a look at the items that offer a complementary bold color. Don’t have any? This coming spring season offers some fun colors to consider, so be sure to shop TSLL’s Spring Shopping Guide on April 1st right here on the blog. But in the meantime, I have gathered a few below.

~Oh, and if you are shopping at Equipment‘s site today, use EQFRIENDS to save 25% off your order. A few of their blouses are included in the scroll below.


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