Blush & Beige: A Fall Style Do

Oct 08, 2019

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I am always looking for classic, yet unexpected color combinations that involve the clothes and hues I already have in my closet. And so it is with the combination of blush and beige.

A warm and subtle partnership in the fall, and also something that can work in the spring. Depending upon the fabric and clothing item, the color combination can really work year-round.

Of course, different shades of each hue are worth playing with depending upon your skin tone and the specific season, but certainly keep your eye open for ideas to pair these luscious, yet timeless colors.

~Burberry, fall 2019~
~Lisa Perry, fall 2019~
~Khaite cashmere sweater (l), Lela Rose wool sweater (r)~

3 thoughts on “Blush & Beige: A Fall Style Do

  1. I’ve recently started adding taupe to my wardrobe, as I have cool coloring and it plays off my ash blonde hair. It seems to be showing up a lot lately, so I must buy my pieces while they are still available. Who knows what odd color may be “of the moment” next.

    1. Good point. Mimi, you share an idea that is sage advice: When we do find something – a color, a style, a particular item – that works with our colors (skin tone, hair, etc.), it is a good idea to invest in it to have it for years to come. The confidence factor that comes with it increases its value in our wardrobe tenfold. Thank you for sharing.

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