An English Christmas Drawing Room

Dec 12, 2018

Designer Francis Sultana‘s London Flat reminds how simple oclor touches, unique holiday decor, but not in excessive can welcome the festive time of year as well as the resident’s signature style. 

The bones of the drawing room include a fireplace with Georgian plasterwork, but the holiday decor includes simple details that can be picked up outside in the woods if you live in the country.

The silk upholstered sitting chair offers a burst of color that complements the petite tree that is just the right height being situated on its own pedestal. Interestingly enough, this chair is present year-round as seen in an out-of-season image below of the exact room.

It has been three years since I downsized the decorations I put up during the holidays, and I am so thankful I did. I have kept what is impactful and what I love, and enjoy my cozy sanctuary that is furnished and decorated the way I prefer year-round with just a few extra, signature touches for the one month out of the year that plays the role of celebrating all that the year has enabled me to experience, appreciate and provide inspiration to strive into the new year. Enjoy the tour of Sultana’s entire home here as showcased in House & Garden

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