Add a Touch of Femininity: Just Belt It

Feb 27, 2018

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A simple way to change an outfit and complete the look is to wrap a belt around your waist whether the item has loops or not.

If you are wearing an over-sized blazer which are en vogue at the moment, add some structure by wearing a belt around your waist. The same idea can be applied to a large trench or overcoat. If you feel you need to add a waist as the rest of the item is large and loose, just by cinching your waist with a wide belt or a man’s belt, you have added a touch of femininity without having to invest too much money.

I have found some of the best wide belts at consignment shops as they are unique, inexpensive and often a steal of a designer deal.

~To shop any of the outfits seen in today’s post, simply click on the image to be redirected to the original source. 


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4 thoughts on “Add a Touch of Femininity: Just Belt It

  1. Such a great look. You do not have to wear it on your natural waistline you can choose the smallest spot on your torso to show your shape to its full advantage.?

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