It’s All About the Bag

Sep 06, 2016

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Whether you need a tote for day, a medium-size handbag for toodling around town or a clutch for drinks or brunch with friends or loved ones, the bag completes the outfit. I am currently smitten with the Future Glory handbag above (see the entire collection here). The simplicity, the sophisticated, yet fine handle, and the prices aren’t bad either. But I am always needing a tote for work, and in this season’s TSLL Fall Shopping Guide I have found a few I think you might like. Enjoy checking out a few outfits that include a sophisticated and timeless bag that will undoubtedly last for many seasons to come.






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5 thoughts on “It’s All About the Bag

  1. I appreciate the workmanship that goes into the designer bags, but they aren’t in my price range, nor a priority for me even if I had all the money in the world. I certainly don’t approve of counterfeit. Mass market similar styles are a different thing ethically, but aesthetically not for me either. Maybe because I’m in a touristy area, or because I’m in France with its tradition of artisans, I can always find very unique bags at reasonable prices that are hand-made from real leather by artisans I can actually meet. And they last for years because the quality is so good.

    1. Hello Taste of France, I agree with you, too. Besides shopping local (or thrift stores), I have my eyes now on a company that sells products (bags are among them) made by women and girls rescued from human trafficking. Affordable price, and because of how they are made, they are not cookie-cutter AND the money goes to a worthy cause. It’s at

  2. Shannon, these lovely coats and sweater are helping with the transition to our Canadian autumn, thank you! I have carried a red Chanel wallet on a chain for years and it adds such color and pizzazz to every outfit. A couple of years ago I got a boxy red Kate Spade to carry snacks, gym clothes in and wonder how I did without that accessory all these years. I call them Kanga and Roo.

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