A Way with Wallpaper: An Oxfordshire Arts & Crafts Townhouse

Jan 02, 2020

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Over the past two weeks I have been enjoying the free time to trying to begin pulling together my mood boards for the decor aesthetic I want to build and bring to life over the next year or so as I embark on a project I have been patiently waiting to have the opportunity to begin for years.

Stumbling upon Hám Interiors‘ work in Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, I quickly took notice of the Arts & Craft wallpaper in nearly every room of this entirely renovated townhouse. As I find myself perusing through wallpaper samples voraciously trying to determine which wallpapers to welcome into my own home, I was reminded while touring the Henley Townhouse, that when done well, there is no such thing as too much.

Specifically using bespoke, historically reproduced wallpaper from Hamilton Weston, I began taking notice of how they welcomed such an abundance of wallpaper that with each roll further created a welcoming and cozy sanctuary.

Key Takeaways for Using Wallpaper and Miscellaneous Observations:

  • Determine the palette and undertones of the room, coordinating all textures from window coverings to wood if painted or not and floor coverings.
  • Let the print in the wallpaper (in this case Arts & Crafts wallpaper designs) be the attention grabber, but do not shy away from unique furniture or accessories or even other solid statement colors.
  • A strong baseboard and wood trim around doors and windows frames the wallpaper. Choose a color that works with the colors of the wallpaper.
  • Do not shy away from wallpaper all bare walls as it creates – as one TSLL reader described recently – “a personal, friendly hug” (thank you Sheryl M.!).
  • Include simple, yet unique vases and place a single varietal imperfectly, rustically so, in the vase (as seen in the images – tulips, chamomile, ranunculus, etc.)

I have selected my favorite rooms from the house tour, but be sure to view the entire home and learn more about Hám Interiors’ approach to the renovation here.

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21 thoughts on “A Way with Wallpaper: An Oxfordshire Arts & Crafts Townhouse

  1. Lovely Wallpaper! As an artist I would add; Think about your art when choosing a wallpaper. If you want to keep it but it doesn’t quite work with the wallpaper consider re-framing it in a large frame to create distance between the image and the pattern of the paper. (Just food for thought…)

  2. Great suggestion, Sarah. I was just noticing that situation at a friend’s house over the holidays only they have oil paintings so that solution wouldn’t work. But they really did fig.ht with the relatively large pattern wallpaper.

  3. I am starting to warm to wallpaper myself. A little tired of the all-white austerity that has been the fashion. The bath with stained glass and lovely sink is truly lovely.

  4. love everything in these beautiful rooms. Much thought care has been taken in curating every item, but the wallpaper is exceptionally beautiful!

  5. I love these beautiful wallpaper, I am considering ordering the tone-on-tone for my foyer-dining room. I have been studying William Morris And Macintosh Decorative Designs for years. More to think about…

    1. Hi Becky, did you happen to find the link to the partridge and pear wallpaper, please? I’d love to know where it is from too! With thanks, Julia

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