A Small Yet Elegant London Flat

Feb 06, 2020

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A small space in the bustling city has just as much potential to be elegant and regal as a grand spacious estate, and interior designer Tara Craig demonstrates exactly how to accomplish such a feat.

From layers of textures and colors to functionaily and cozy vignettes, this late Georgia building, once part of a Chelsea pub was completely transformed upon the arrival of Craig whom purchased it for her own sanctuary.

Key Decor Takeaways:

  • Invest in throw pillows and mix various prints, sizes and shades of hues that complement each other.
  • Welcome built-in bookshelves which will create the cozy but without taking up precious space.
  • Store plates in plain-view but strategically as to utilize the space well. This will free up the cupboards and also serve as decor.
  • Choose a kitchen pendant that is a piece of art as there are fewer places for large aesthetic decor.
  • Choose transparent/clear pendant lighting to keep the space wide open.
  • Pedestal dining tables/kitchen nook tables enable more space to be available for legs and movement around the table without causing the chairs to stick too far out and obstruct the pathway.

Be sure to tour the entire home in House & Garden UK here as well as the profile of the many decor details. Below are my favorite pics.

Images via House & Garden UK

9 thoughts on “A Small Yet Elegant London Flat

  1. Thanks for this post, Shannon. I am in the process of planning my very small living room and had been debating the value of putting in shelves on either side of my fireplace. After seeing this post, I am whole heartedly going in that direction! Also, the color which to me reads as as similar to Farrow and Ball’s Oval Room Blue has been thinking of new possibilities.

    1. Stacy, So happy I could be of some help, even in this small way to find a visual that offered ideas. I think you will love having built-in shelves for your books. You can fill the, as full or leave as soacipusly as you want. Enjoying the decor process. 🙂

  2. I so wish we had went with the pedestal table for the dining area. We recently downsized from our home of 30 years to apartment living. Definitely will keep that idea in a folder.

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