A Provence Monastery Turned Family Home

Mar 05, 2020

From an abbey, too long without love and care, to a family home for Lorenzo and Mariarosa Pellicioli. Nestled in the south of France, this once Provençal monastery, now welcomes a family of many generations to stay, slow down, cozy in and enjoy the wonders and seasonal delights of Provence.

The 10 bedrooms accommodate their children and grandchildren when everyone comes to spend time together, and while the renovations modernized the home, the aesthetic is still reverantly austere.

Key Decor Takeaways:

  • When in Provence keep the terracotta hexagon style, they ARE Provence.
  • The matching iron beds above in the room for the children to sleep separately, yet slumber together, adorned in French vintage linens I have no doubt, for a restful night’s sleep no matter the time of year.
  • A grand chandelier that is antique yet not garish.
  • Don’t forget the linen tablecloth! Dressing the table simply, yet with sophisticated necessities – the proper plates, napkins, water goblets and wine glasses.
  • Customized tiles behind the stove provide a signature style and a pop of personality.
  • Add a kitchen rack for your beautiful copper skillets just above the stove.
  • Include a comfy armchair and matching ottoman in the bedroom.
  • Floor to ceiling windows to let Mother Nature in. Yes, even in the bedroom so long as privacy from the landscaping provides.

Seeing Homes & Garden UK’s tour of this home took me back to my time in Provence as this renovation and the subtle decor touches are exactly what I remember. Nothing extreme, but comfort and ease is at the forefront of design. Neutral hues, attention to cooking well and eating well and a nod to sleeping well also. Opening the windows in the summer evenings and falling asleep to the soft breezes and steady mistrals was a gift at the end of a hot summer day, and this home offers these simple pleasures and so much more. Enjoy my favorite rooms below and tour the entire space and read the profile here.

3 thoughts on “A Provence Monastery Turned Family Home

  1. I love the rustic but elegant touches in this home- the open beams in the kitchen tile floors, big open windows, fine linens… all sumptuous!

    I think I see a kitchen rack for all your copper pots in your near future!

  2. I love the lovely, unfussy interiors, with authentic French touches, yet the rooms do not feel monastic at all! Too often I see a modern interpretation of French style, filled with distracting bits and bobs. One dines at such an elegant table!

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