A Provençal Farmhouse full of Simple Luxuries

Apr 25, 2019

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Whether you are looking for a large Provencal mas (farmhouse) to rent for that special occasion or a large family getaway, or like me, luxuriate in the inspiration offered when such southern French homes open their doors, the Varvel family’s newly renovated 13,000 square-foot farmhouse located near the Rhone River will most likely captivate your attention as it did mine.

Currently, featured in Veranda, be sure to read and view the entire space there, but I couldn’t help but pick out a few of the rooms that I will be saving for my idea board.

Named Le Mas des Poiriers, you can follow the mas‘ renovation and beautiful pics of the property and the family as they enjoy it here on Instagram, and as you will see from the five pictures I have selected, there is an abundance of French country decor inspiration to draw from.

Key Decor Take-Aways:

  • Copper, Copper, Copper – slowly, but surely building your collection of copper that you want to use and decorate with (why not do both with every piece?) adds that special French charm to any kitchen
  • Collecting baskets and bowls and tableware is not only a fun hobby, but a functional way to be prepared for any meal you may want to serve, as well as provide lovely decor for kitchen shelves.
  • The landscaping need not be complicated. Annabelle hydrangeas, which are hardy in many regions around the globe – the white flowers in the images), and evergreen shrubs such as boxwoods provide wonderful neutral color and structure.
  • Wicker outdoor furniture. It may take time, as such items are an investment, but what a lovely cozy, casual, yet comfortable furniture choice.
  • The simple compote we have talked about before on the podcast, is a simple decor idea for displaying fresh seasonal food (see third image).
  • Create inviting conversation gathering points for intimate chats that are just as comfortable as they are beautiful to view from a distance (fourth image).
  • The quintessential terracotta hexagon titles are hard to come by in places other than the south of France, but what a statement they make in a room.
  • A soaking tub next to a large window to welcome a soft breeze kiss your skin while you bathe. Truly a wonderful, natural luxury.

~Images via Veranda, March/April 2019 issue

7 thoughts on “A Provençal Farmhouse full of Simple Luxuries

  1. Hi Shannon, The link to the rest of the article about the French Farmhouse doesn’t appear to be working. Lovely pictures you posted. Thank you.

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