A Modern Winter Pairing: A Midi Length Hem & Knee High Boots

Feb 12, 2019

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A pairing I have been wearing quite frequently this season and last is a midi length skirt or dress with knee high heeled boots.

Why I am drawn to this coupling is because I stay warm, but I bring the style along with me. I am always looking for dresses that will keep me warm in the winter without being cumbersome, and often I can transition my fall and early spring dresses and skirts into winter outfits with a partnering of the knee high boot.

The above image is a perfect image of the style, and depending upon the fabric of the dress, it is a wonderful outfit for fall and spring as well.

Whether you choose a shirtdress, a wrap dress or a skirt, choose a silhouette that flatters your height and your figure (pencil, A-line, etc.), add a belt to cinch your waist and accessories as your signature style most prefers. Voila! A simple go-to winter (or spring or fall) outfit.

Below I have found a few midi-length dresses and boots, but perhaps you have a few ideas in your closet already that you can pair up to create a new outfit.


4 thoughts on “A Modern Winter Pairing: A Midi Length Hem & Knee High Boots

  1. I love that combination, stylish and comfortable!
    I also loved the podcast from yesterday. I would love to have her help and may reach out to her! Thank you Shannon!

  2. Hi, Shannon! I love this combination, too, and also yesterday’s podcast, which had me thinking about my wardrobe.

    About a year ago, I made some major life changes and my wardrobe hasn’t caught up yet. I went from being a professional in the arts (with a style similar to the one above) to working from home and spending time each day caring for my horses (throwing on jeans and usually a man’s shirt every morning).

    Would you consider doing a style feature for horsewomen? I would love to come up with a basic look that’s more polished and wouldn’t leave me feeling frumpy during the rest of my day, something that could transition throughout the day without a complete change of clothes.

    Thank you!

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