A Kitchen to Love

Jul 27, 2017

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The kitchen has become the showpiece of a home, but if you’re someone who simply enjoys cooking and preparing food with others and for others you love, having a space in which you can cook effortlessly (as discussed in this week’s episode of the podcast), is the dream and it doesn’t necessarily require a large space.

What I was drawn to about this New York home designed by Jeff Etelamaki, the founder of his architecture firm which is based in Brooklyn is the kitchen isn’t extremely large, yet it is laid out in such a way to create a productive as well as inviting work space. The salvaged wooden work table of course was the item that caught my eye, but as well, the schoolhouse lighting, white and wooden countertops and farmhouse sink. Take a look around and find endless inspiration. With a simple color palette, the food and the personalities of those cooking it become bring the flavor.

2 thoughts on “A Kitchen to Love

  1. Lovely article and lovely photos of kitchen. I would love to know where to purchase the ceiling light fixtures with glass and brass. thanks for your help,

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