A Cornish Country Getaway with Touches of the Sea

May 02, 2019

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Everything about this holiday home purchased by the owners in 2000 and with many years of patience, restored to comfortable, leisurely perfection overlooking the Camel estuary in Cornwall is an English country home dream.

The owners and the interior designer Marion Lichtig had worked together before on previous decorating and design projects which is a testament to working with people who understand your “aesthetic language”.

Featured in House & Garden UK recently and shared with me by a TSLL reader, be sure to tour the entire home and learn about all of the thoughtful detail. But first, a few takeaways that spoke to me:

  • Light and neutral is subtly powerful. Allowing the textures to dance with each other – the wood beams, the upholstered furniture, the metal light fixtures and jute rugs, when brought together, enrich the space and enable the inhabitants to bring the color in with the seasons through bouquets, throws, art, etc.. Thereby keeping the home timeless.
  • Shop years before you begin decorating your dream home. The owners of the home had been collecting, shopping and finding their treasures at London shops and antique fairs. All the more reason to keep your eyes open on your travels, excursions to boutiques and to not feel bad for not having the home for that dream item yet. You will find your dream home if you want to and you have patience (the story of my life) ;)).
  • Choose large and choose fewer items. I was immediately drawn to the oversized wooden seashell art intallation in the upstairs corridor (see in the below images). It would speak to my love for the ocean, and while maybe not perfect for everyone’s home, perfect for mine. And it would make a simple statement without excess extras.
  • Leave the beams unpainted. Exposed beams, left unpainted add the rustic, unfinished look that just speaks to the living in the country. So long as the ceilings aren’t too low (painting them white creates the illusion of more space), leave them as they are and let them shine.
  • A Bateau Soaking bathtub. Yes. Enough said.

Tour my favorite rooms below and the entire home here and even more of it here.


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2 thoughts on “A Cornish Country Getaway with Touches of the Sea

    1. Isn’t it amazing, stunning and unique all at the same time?! I can only imagine seeing it for the first time. Such a statement and a must-bring-home-when-seen. 🙂

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