A Cook’s Cottage Kitchen

Apr 16, 2020

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The thoughtful attention to detail in this newly renovated 1930s cottage kitchen is one from which to draw vast amounts of inspiration.

The owner took three months to research the key components of cottage kitchens determined to create a space that looked fitting to the house’s original architecture. As he was renovating this 1930s home, he kept to the original aesthetic and space of the kitchen, however, with significant improvements in function and style.

So what makes a cottage kitchen?

  • White tile – While the white tile need not be on the countertop as you see here, often, the white tile as the backsplash is seen as functional, neutral and easy to clean. It is also timeless and becomes dated less quickly than other decor trends. Some may say white tile is out of style, but not so if it works with your kitchen style and who says you have choose the classic subway tile? Choose square – large or small, or any other shape that blends the classic design with a modern touch.
  • One idea that is important to keep in mind when designing your kitchen is to have countertop composition that can withstand the heat of a hot pan when placed upon it after being removed from the oven or transferred from the stove top. Tile and cement do this very well. But not quartz or marble.
  • The classic kitchen rack. As we have talked about before here on the blog, kitchen racks are a wonderful alternative to endless cupboards especially if you want to open up the space, have little space or have beautiful pans such as the copper and cast iron see in this kitchen. Why I am drawn to kitchen racks has to do with the functionality and having all of my tools quickly within arm’s reach.
  • A touch of whimsy and classic design. Check out the custom stained glass windows. If you look closely you will see the images are of a knife, fork, and spoon in the windows by the table, and while the text is in latin, they don’t say something you would expect, but rather “Kiss the Cook,” “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen,” and “Hunger is our favorite recipe.” Love it!
  • The investment in a high quality stove, but nothing too large and space-taking. If you are someone who loves to cook – invest! This 1953 Chambers oven was completely refurbished and is the star of the room. I honestly had never heard of this style of stove, but in 1912, when the first was made, it was known for retaining heat, a cook’s Cadillac and top of the line luxury. Invest and be exceedingly happy to step into your kitchen each and every time.
  • Tend to the lighting and keep it aligned with the time period. The schoolhouse pendant lighting provides both ample illumination and style that aligns with the 1930s. These light fixtures can be found at Rejuvenation and Schoolhouse Electric here in the states.
  • Display the cookbooks – find a space, build shelves, add a small area for shelves, but have your cookbooks, your friends of the kitchen, nearby and easy to peruse through as you look for inspiration.
  • Update the cupboard handles or knobs to look the part as well.
  • A swinging door if your kitchen is its own room. Love this!

Learn more about the kitchen here at The Cottage Journal, and tour the rest of the kitchen below.

Images: The Cottage Journal

6 thoughts on “A Cook’s Cottage Kitchen

  1. I have those same copper pots and love using them. Unfortunately with my small galley kitchen, I have no wall space to display them. So it was a treat for my eyes to see them displayed in this lovely cottage kitchen!

  2. Shannon thanks for the blog post. It is so inspiring and I will probably spend some time tomorrow copying the look. I hope you are holding up teacherwise…I find it frustrating teaching online being a fine arts teacher. Stay safe.

    1. Jenn, I cannot imagine how teachers in hands-on courses like yours are navigating through all of this. I certainly don’t find it my preference as better teaching is certainly in person. The good news is that it is temporary. Wishing you and your students and staff well during this challenging time. ?

  3. What an absolutely gorgeous kitchen! Thank you for the great post and the lovely inspiration for the dream home!

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