This & That: No. 99

Mar 11, 2014

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A cozy mystery series to enjoy, a book all about pies, a simple jacket for spring and a decor site full of treasures.


~Room Envy

On the English decor blog associated with the House to Home website you’ll find specific inspiration for the room you are focused on remodeling, reviving or sprucing up.  Full of images that will catch your eye, Room Envy is now on my daily blog reading list.

~Blog Post

~Why Our Revolution Has Just Begun by Gloria Steinem

Addressing a handful of questions and debunking myths about women in the 21st century, Gloria Steinem shares a thought-provoking blog post on the Ms. Magazine blog.


~Pie!: 100 Gorgeously Glorious Recipes by Genevieve Taylor

I recently came across cookbook author and blogger, Genevieve Taylor (author of The Urban Kitchen blog), when I found this blog post on The Daily Basics. Needless to say, her simple approach to good food caught my eye. With a new cookbook titled Pie! available in the UK on March 24th and later in October here in the states, I thought I’d give you a heads up if you’re looking for a resource for delicious comfort food.


~Hunter’s Alley

One King’s Lane has created a gold mine for those treasure hunters who enjoy the chase for a unique item, but still are willing to hold out for a deal. Hunter’s Alley was created to bring together sellers and shoppers. All independent sellers are scrupulously vetted, so shoppers are finding genuine top quality items that have been previously owned. And while you will enjoy shopping, you too can be a seller. A few finds I discovered: a vintage shaving mirror, a painting that has my attention, and a unique Czech tea set.


~Anthropologie Belted Anorak

During the spring and summer months, I’m always in need of a light jacket, one that finishes my look, but also provides a touch of warmth. I’m always a fan of navy as it works well with neutrals, stripes, white and most colors. And so when I discovered Anthropologie’s belted Anorak jacket, I took notice.


~Rosemary & Thyme 

Since I became a Netflix subscriber, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the many Masterpiece Mysteries I have yet to get caught up on. And so upon remembering a recommendation to watch Rosemary & Thyme, I began the first season last week. A cozy mystery series starring a pair of women of a certain age that are wise, full of pluck and going about solving mysteries in gorgeous English gardens and country estates, this particular show is racing to the top of my list.

6 thoughts on “This & That: No. 99

  1. My mom, sister, and I love Rosemary and Thyme! Cozy is a good word for it–the other night we watched an episode after watching a different, harrowing mystery. A small comfort…

  2. I can’t wait to check out rosemary & thyme! Have you seen miss fishers murder mysteries? I am addicted. You can find it in

    Have a great day Shannon!

  3. I just started on Masterpiece’s Mr. Selfridge and am hooked. History, commerce, fashion, and intrigue collide!

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