This & That: No. 96

Feb 18, 2014

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 A new mystery series to enjoy, a touch of signature decor, a frugal LBD to add to your wardrobe and more . . .


~Genius Scan (pdf scanner)

As someone who has been in need of a scanner more times than I can count in the past few years, but has very little space in my office, I was thrilled to discover the Genius Scan app (free!). As easy as it is to take a picture, you can snap the document you need to email, it will align itself to your preferences and all you have to do is press send. So simple and oodles of money saved (as well as space).


 ~David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants

Malcolm Gladwell has done it again. Yet another best-selling book following his most recent success with Outliers: The Story of Success, released this past October, David and Goliath will remind you that the underdog really does have more than a fighting chance. If you’re looking for motivation and a reason to hang in there just a little bit longer, you will want to pick up this book.


~Silver Ocean Platter

This month I have been shopping for unique, signature tabletop decor – varying in height, originality, bowls to hold unique collections, etc. So while on the hunt, I came across this silver pedestal bowl that could hold a variety of unique items to decorate a coffee or side table. For less than $65, it adds a unique touch and a place to display a collection of whatever strikes your fancy.



Last Friday, in my inbox was a reminder to stock up on stripes at a great deal. Running through Sunday February 23rd, save 40% off nearly everything (except the boatneck stripe tops) at Chance. I have my eye on these striped pajamas (reduced from $145 to $87).

~White House/Black Market Asymmetrical black sheath

If you, like me, have become smitten with Black Halo’s black Jackie O sheath dress but didn’t want to fork over $400, I have found a steal of a deal. White House/Black Market’s black asymmetrical sheath is nearly identical and will save your budget. Take a look and discover the similarities.


~Bosch (Amazon original)

Amazon is continuing to follow in the footsteps of Netflix and creating its own original comedy and drama series. Alpha House (which I thoroughly enjoyed) just wrapped up its first season and now their biggest drama Bosch (inspired by Michael Connelly’s successful mystery series following the LA detective Harry Bosch) has been brought to the television screen as well. Debuting on February 6th, Amazon Prime members can now view the pilot and be alerted to new episodes. While I haven’t read Harry Bosch’s tales recently, I remember devouring a handful of the novels years ago and thoroughly enjoying the escape each mystery provided at the end of a busy, hectic day.

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