This & That: No. 91

Jan 14, 2014

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From travel apps to fashion to hiring the interior designer that is right for you and your preferred aesthete, today’s This & That has something for everyone . . .


~Seat Alerts

As a traveler with long legs, avoiding the middle seat is always my preference, but sometimes when you make a last minute flight, that option may not be available. However, as flyers know, seat assignments are constantly in flux, so why not be in the know and take advantage of an ideal seat assignment becoming available? The Seat Alerts free app provides exactly what you need. With access to 140 airlines, simply enter your alert (airline and flight #), and if a seat of your preference becomes available, you will be notified to pounce on the opportunity.

~Silk Knots

If you love wearing scarves, but draw a blank at times when it comes to tying them in different arrangements other than the slip knot, be sure to download Hermès’ free app – Silk Knots. Released last fall, this app provides on-the-go tutorials so no matter where you are, you can look ooh la la fantastique!


~It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single by Sara Eckel

Last Friday I shared an article which contained an excerpt from Sara Eckel’s recent book It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single. Released last week, Sara Eckel’s book which is based on her popular New York Times column “Modern Love”, offers insights,  experience, studies and assurance that taking the time to enjoy one’s singleton years are something to celebrate and appreciate, rather than to mope about.



Have you ever wanted to hire the expertise of a interior decorator, but didn’t know where to look? Or have you shied away from seeking the expertise of an interior decorator because you weren’t sure if their aesthetic would match your preferences? Well, Homepolish is designed to eliminate these questions and provide an interior designer that pairs perfectly with your taste and your budget. Available to clients in a handful of metropolis areas in the States (see the list of cities here), Homepolish is “flip[ping] interior design on its head by making premium design services available to everyone.”  For home or office needs, if you want to create a space that welcomes you when you walk in the door or ensures the proper tone is set when clients visit your business, be sure to check out this business that steps out of the impossible Elle Decor pages and creates a space that fits your signature style.


~Anthropologie Wind Fall Shift

Pair with black knee high boots in winter or simple flats in warmer months, the Wind Fall shift from Anthropologie is fun and affordable. The unique print set in classic colors allows for a variety of outfits, and having a dress is always a simple and reliable choice when a decision of “what do I wear” needs to be made.

~Michael Michael Kors tops 

My stripes predilection strikes again! Upon perusing through Michael Kors budget line Michael, I discovered a handful of striped sweaters and tops that are ideal for the transition season between frigid winter temps and crisp spring days. Whether it’s a button-up shirt available in a unique print to pair with a skirt for work or jeans for weekends, or a Breton sweater that will work with so many options in a capsule wardrobe, these items won’t break the bank, but will certainly look chic and stylish.

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