This & That: No. 88

Dec 17, 2013

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A few last minute gift ideas, sultry jazz jingles and much more . . .

~Article to Read

~The Agony of Instagram 

In The New York Times this weekend Alex Williams opines about the good and the bad of Instagram. Following in the footsteps of Facebook in many ways, Instagram can provoke envy rather than the intended inspiration by any who may be following. With a quote from blogger Anne Sage and other bloggers, it’s worth reading.


~My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories by David Lebovitz

Set to be released in in April, David Lebovitz’s latest cookbook shares 100 recipes of remastered French classics. Respected for his culinary talents that he shares regularly on his namesake blog, Lebovitz provides personal stories and anecdotes of his experience in modern day Paris. Whether you want to put it on your wish list or purchase it for someone you know would love to see it arrive on the release date, I have a feeling it will be worth the wait.

~Holiday Gifts

~Anthropologie limited edition golden monogram mug 

Monogrammed items are always a go-to when it comes to holiday gifts and for $10 or less, Anthropologie has available a sturdy, classic mug that can fit many different people on your list. The limited edition golden monogrammed mug is going quickly, so don’t forget to have a look at their  the classic version as well. I don’t know about you, but I might have pick one out for myself and place it on my desk.


~Diana Krall: Christmas Songs

The album may be eight years old, but as a fan of Diana Krall, when she sings classic tunes, there is nothing I enjoy more when it comes to jazz music. Perfect for a romantic holiday evening or winding down after a festive gathering, purchase the entire album or pick and choose your preferred songs.


~Club Monaco Casey leopard sandal

Sandals to pair with that black dress you had your eye on for New Year’s Eve have just become available from Club Monaco. With a party in the back and chic style in the front, keep these on hand for any special occasion.


The end of the year sale has begun with top designer clothing and accessories reduced 30% and climbing as the sale runs through the month of January. This, this and this immediately caught my eye.

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