6 Style Combinations That Always Work

Jan 17, 2017

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Diane von Furstenberg in her silk shift paired with statement jewelry. Emmanuelle Alt’s go-to skinny jeans and pointed toe pumps. Cindy Crawford in her California bohemian blouses worn with white denim. And Emma Stone in crewnecks and color.

For each individual, in time a signature style begins to be revealed. Sometimes it is conscious and sometimes it is only upon reflection that we discover what works well and what we love. Last fall, the Why Not . . . ? post proposed the idea of choosing a work week ‘uniform’, and after contemplating the go-to outfits the ladies above present as well as my own along with many other style icons from the past, I wanted to share a list of six combinations that will always work no matter the woman wearing them. Some involve skirts or dresses and some pants and denim and some incorporate particular details. All of them offer a foundation, a dependable constant upon which you integrate your personality, preferences, hues and signature touch.

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1. Fitted Skirt to Body Type or Pants/Jeans & Loose Blouse or Sweater or Blazer

When it comes to style, a basic rule is balance. Loose with fitted, short with long, large with small. Loud with subtle. And so is the case with the clothing we choose. A fitted pair of skinny jeans with an over-sized cozy sweater, or a fitted skirt with a tucked in boyfriend button-up shirt. The key is balance.

2. Loafers & Ankle Jeans

Casual, mixing feminine and masculine attributes, the loafer is comfortable but also undeniably stylish. Make sure the loafer gets its just due by pairing them with tailored ankle pants or jeans.

3. Pencil Skirt/Dress & Pointed Toe Pumps

No matter your size, a pencil skirt will flatter your figure. The key is to always wear a pencil skirt with heels, and preferably pointed to elongate your leg. No matter the height, the heel will slim your physique, as will the body-skimming skirt.


4. Noir & Personality

Black is easy. Black is seemingly safe, but black can be deeply seductive and engaging when either a pop of color is thoughtfully added or a particular cut, texture or design is employed as well.


5. Statement Dress + One Signature Accessory

Each of us will have a hue that we prefer, a cut that flatters our figure, a length that we most feel ourselves. Selecting a dress to wear is one of the simplest choices when it comes to putting together an outfit. The finishing touch, the choice that will take the dress to its fullest potential, is pairing it with an item (a belt, a shoe, necklace, hat or even a handbag) that reveals the person who’s wearing it.

6. Tailored Classics & a Great Coiffure

The hairstyle we choose is what frames our face that we share with the world. The sparkle in our eyes, the curl of our smile, the warmth in our expression can all be amplified with a flattering hairstyle. The managing director of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) Christine Lagarde models this beautifully as it is her silver coif, simply, but precisely styled that elevates the tailored clothing she selects. With a projection of confidence, but warmth, such a pair are the beginning of something undeniably powerful.


Partnerships, if they work, can help cultivate amazing style. Knowing what pairs well and understanding why will give you confidence to pull together any outfit no matter the season or the trends that become available.

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3 thoughts on “6 Style Combinations That Always Work

  1. Lovely! I do #1, the “noir” combo and the statement dress. I’m glad someone put into words what I tend to gravitate toward. Though for me, black fades me; so my “noir” is actually a navy blue.

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