This & That: No. 217

Jul 07, 2016

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Thirty Chic Days: Practical Inspiration for a Beautiful Life by Fiona Ferris

I am absolutely ecstatic to share Thirty Chic Days. Fiona Ferris is a long-time blogger who I can remember following for quite some time. I am so excited that she now has a new book we can hold in our hands and enjoy. Released just this past May, it is exactly as it states on the title. Divided into 30 chapters, discover simple ways to bring Paris to you. For example, Day 1 – Have a Paris State of Mind Day, Day 2 – Have a Eat Real Food Day. To enjoy her musing and passion for the French way of living (she lives in Auckland, New Zealand), stop by her blog How to Be Chic. Congratulations Fiona!

A Certain Age: A Novel by Beatriz Williams

Say the phrase Jazz Age and my ears perk up. Author of The Roaring Twenties and A Hundred Summers, Beatriz Williams writes a story full of romance, scandal and irresistible charm if you too are a fan of this intoxicating time in history. Set in New York City and Long Island (hum . . . does this remind you of another famous tale??), just released late last month, if the independence of the 1920s captures your attention, I think you will enjoy this novel.

Siracusa by Delia Ephron

As a fervent fan of Nora Ephron’s equally talented sister Delia, I am excited to read her new work of fiction. As recommended in my list of 10 books to read this summer post, the story follows two couples on their trip to a small Italian island, Siracusa is told from two alternating points of view which allows the reader to understand each narrator’s perspective and feelings. It should be an intriguing tale on relationships and travel. Perfect summer reading. (Released on Tuesday July 12th).

Winning Arguments: What Works and Doesn’t Work in Politics, the Bedroom, the Courtroom and the Classroom by Stanley Fish

As a rhetoric teacher I am certainly picking up Stanley Fish’s new book, but even as a layman, this book is certain to not only inform but entertain. In his previously successful book (New York Times best-seller), How to Write a Sentence, Fish displayed his prowess as a law and English professor. In his new book, released on Tuesday, he includes examples of arguments from cases of law, television, film, politics and even his own career to make the reader aware of what works and what doesn’t. I certainly cannot wait to read.

~Shop all of the books recommended on the weekly This & That post in TSLL Shop – here


The Secret Life of Pets

If nothing else, summer is about silly, fun, heart-warming films, and The Secret Life of Pets caught my attention. With great voice-overs by talents such as Jenny Slate, Kevin Hart, Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, Dana Carvey and Albert Brooks, just to mention a few, the film reveals to pet-owners what our beloved furry babies might do when we’re at work. You have no doubt seen the trailers, but if you haven’t, the trailer below will answer all of your questions. Enjoy starting today as it is now in theaters.


Note to Self

Sometimes, when I want to know what local news is making headlines around the country, I will tune in to other NPR stations on my phone. One of the stations I have favorited is WNYC which is where I learned about Note to Self. Discussing everyday dilemmas and solutions about how to effectively integrate the technology in our lives and generally how to live well, it was recently announced a new mini series will focus on Taking the Lead, spotlighting working women finding balance in their lives. Take a look at some of the topics that have already been discussed here.


Joie Kotahi silk navy stripe sleeveless blouse

Layering in summer is just as simple and necessary as winter, and so when I found Joie’s silk navy stripe sleeveless blouse, I wanted to share. Worn with or without a jacket, cardigan or long vest, this neutral top would make a great essential item in your summer capsule (and even your fall and spring) wardrobe.

Tory Sport Tennis Outfit

Wimbledon wraps up this weekend, and so for those you who play and enjoy the game of tennis, I wanted to share a stylish, yet simple tennis outfit that I thought you might like. Tory Burch’s sport collection is full of chic, stylish items for whatever sport or active lifestyle you enjoy participating in (shop the entire store here). Her white and navy piped tunic top and matching side-slit skirt are what I think of when I think of tennis (okay, maybe again my Francophile leanings are getting the better of me as this outfit is also available in navy with white piping). But truly, how chic?



~recipe for Rhubarb Tarts with Pistachios, Berries & Shortbread Crust~

Wimbledon championship weekend.  I plan on savoring the finals, willing Serena Williams to her historic 22 major final victory and doing all that I can from my sofa to help Roger Federer get to one more Wimbledon final (at the time of this posting, he was in the semifinals). The weather here in Bend somewhat reminds me of England . . . well, sort of. It’s cool and rain is falling and is expected to fall intermittently throughout the weekend. I cannot think of a better way to enjoy the final matches.

Okay, enough about tennis for a moment. The blog is running strong this week with recipes, style inspiration, the return of Outfit of the Week, posts about love and summer and now a simple way to be a bit more organized (did you know if you are a subscriber to TSLL newsletter, you received a special discount this week only? Become a subscriber here). It has been an absolutely treat to be blogging full time and then some, and I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by and say hello. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and until Monday, bonne journée! (Below are a few articles I think you might enjoy.)

~If you like me are trying to figure out this thing called life, read Your Life is Tetris. Stop Play It Like Chess. Mind-blowingly simple shift of analogy. Brilliant!

~51 Things to Not Do to be Better Off Financially . . . some you will already know about, and some you will not and you will be glad you now do

~10 Daily Habits That Will Radically Improve Your Life . . . it is all about the daily things we do everyday

~Want to be memorable for all of the right reasons? Read this.

~The brain needs a workout too! Discover 6 Habits to Boost Your Mental Health

~7 Steps to Develop Unshakeable Belief in Yourself . . . common sense that we often forget

~Have you found your calling? Want to know how or be reassured that yes, you have indeed found it? Read 7 Lessons for Finding the Work You Were Meant to Do

6 thoughts on “This & That: No. 217

  1. Love the movie trailer – made me giggle. I wonder what your Norman and Oscar get up to? I have a 8 month old chocolate Labrador – I don’t want to know what she does!!!!!

  2. The Fiona Ferris and Stanley Fish books are calling to me. Thanks for the suggestions!
    Re the financial advice: Jonathan Clements is a fantastic personal finance journalist. He wrote for the WSJ for years. #23 and #35 made me laugh.

  3. I always enjoy This and That Shannon, I’ll be looking out the Ephron and Fish books for sure.

    I’m thrilled to see my friend Fiona’s book in your T&T. It’s a great read, sure to appeal to TSSL readers.

    Have a great weekend.

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