This & That: No. 215

Jun 24, 2016

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Little Yellow Couch

Zandra Zuraw and Karen June Grant make up the pair behind the lifestyle and decor blog, business and podcast Little Yellow Couch. I happened upon them as I follow Sharon Santoni’s blog, My French Country Home, and love their approach to living. It’s not about perfection but rather about cultivating a life that helps moments to blossom in the everyday that make it a treat to experience. Be sure to stop by and check out their retreat offerings, their DIY posts and listen to their conversation with fellow decor bloggers and business women and men who inspire them.


Lola 100% Natural Cotton Tampons

As we become more and more aware of how products are made and what we put into our body for all sorts of everyday activities, when I discovered Lola’s Natural tampons I wanted to share. After all, our health and how we take care of our bodies is paramount to living a full, contented life. Available to be delivered to your door when you want, with how many and what size you want, check them out. I think you will be impressed.


Dark Horse

Based on a true story, one that reminds me of Secretariat in some ways, Dark Horse caught my eye recently as I was in the theater for another film. Currently in theaters across the country, Dream Alliance is the wonder horse that is raised by barmaid in Wales who gathers together some locals with the goal of raising their own race horse. An unexpected success on the race track, along the journey a near fatal injury threatens Dream Alliance, but he is cared for by his many owners and returns to the track for an emotional showing. Having won Sundance’s Audience’s Award for World Cinema Documentary in 2014, take a look at the trailer below.

Francophile Find

The French House

If you love discovering a fantastic find at a flea market after hours of searching and are drawn to the brocante aesthetic and cozy French decor,  you will want to bookmark The French House website and showroom. Located in London and York (since 1995), you will find French antiques sourced directly from France. I don’t know about you, but I am signing up for their newsletter that alerts customers to the most recent finds.


~Louis Philippe mirror

~Stone Pillar bases to support a stone top

~Bespoke deep buttoned armchair

~French house made table

~Late 19th century walnut stool

Join Us in France Travel Podcast

If you are a lover of France, you will enjoy this podcast. Covering all things French especially travel, but of course wine, culture, food and language too, join Annie and Elyse, both who have lived in France for going-on at least 18 years. With more than 100 episodes, you are sure to discover something new to further your passion for France.


The Cottage Journal

Ever since Cottage Living magazine shuttered its business due to the recession, I have been hoping a cottage-inspired magazine would reappear. Unfortunately, nothing has matched entirely what I loved about their monthly issues, but The Cottage Journal offers some similarities and offers tours inside homes that offer immense inspiration. A year subscription includes five issues, and based on this French-Inspired article, perhaps I may subscribe in the future (or stop by my local library and pick it up from time to time.)


Vince silk-trimmed linen-jersey top

For few than $80 add a light, breezy top to your summer wardrobe. Wear with denim, Bermuda shorts or simple white cropped pants and sandals. Simple, chic and frugal.



A lovely British sitcom that I just discovered only as the series wraps up is Vicious. Having premiered in 2013, it stars Sir Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi as Freddie and Stuart. Freddie, and actor, and Stuart, his beloved who has been with him for 48 years living in their Covent Garden flat, open their doors and share their life which is humorous and a breath of fresh air. However, at this point in their life it is primarily entertaining their memorable guests and friends who regularly stop by, Stuart speaking with his mother on the phone each morning and the men playfully chiding each other. The humor is delightful, McKellen, Jacobi and their supporting cast a treat, and if you have Amazon Prime, you can watch the first two seasons for free. Have a look below at the trailer of the series below, and you can watch the entire series finale on PBS here.



~recipe for Flourless Chocolate Fudge Cake~

The first week of entirely working on the blog has been extraordinarily ideal. Someday this will be my everyday all the time perhaps, but until then, nose to the grindstone. With the weekend’s arrival, I am excited to be hosting my first summer dinner party under the stars and moon (along with a few globe lights as well). An intimate gathering of new friends and stories, these moments are what I most look forward to when spending time with chosen companions.

How is your summer (or perhaps winter) going so far? Hopefully the weather is just as you would prefer and your have-tos are just as long as you can attend to paired with enough time to enjoy doing as you prefer and please. Thank you for stopping by the blog this week as it has been quite full with Style Inspiration, Decor Inspiration, Life Inspiration, Food Inspiration and Summer Inspiration. And as always, for your weekend reading, I have found a few articles you might enjoy below. Until Monday, bonne journée.

~Discover the power and importance of exercise for the brain and this article sings the same song.

~On Monday we talked about working with your mind and meditation was mentioned as a wonderful exercise. Here are 37 benefits of meditation that may just surprise you.

~Something I am reading more about and am inspired by, the Single Habit that Will Put You in the Top 10%

~Love pancakes? Learn how to make the perfect breakfast for you,  your guests and anyone you want to share with.

~The Benefits of Creating Art Every Single Day . . . whether you call yourself an artist or not.

~The 10 Proven Habits of the Happiest People in the World

~THIS & THAT posts from the Archives:

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