This & That: No. 210

May 20, 2016

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Pen & Palate: Mastering the Art of Adulthood, with Recipes by Lucy Madison and Tram Nguyen

Inspired by the posts from their Pen & Palate blog, Lucy Madison and Tram Nguyen offer a book for the young adult who is just stepping out on their own into the real world. With a dash of humor, playful illustrations and a bit of storytelling to accompany the recipes, this book would be a lovely graduation gift during the current commencement season. Being released on May 31st, be sure to put this on your wishlist.

Sweetbitter: A Novel by Stephanie Danler

Combine an appreciation for food, drama, a young twenty-something exploring the world and New York City and you have the new novel by debut author Stephanie Danler, Sweetbitter. As a former waitress at one of my favorite small French-inspired restaurants in the city, Buvette, Danler’s book looks to be a page-turner. Critics are raving about her accurate portrayals of being wide-eyed and curious in a city that will either make you or break you, but not before you are about ready to throw in the towel. Being released May 24th, it may just be a perfect summer read.


—Maggie’s Plan

Described as a screwball comedy, Rebecca Miller’s rom-com Maggie’s Plan will have you laughing, wondering and enjoying. With Greta Gerwig starring as Maggie, the playful comedy begins with Greta falling in love for the first time with a married professor, Ethan Hawke. But unexpected turns take place and Maggie realizes maybe she can’t actually control everything.  Ah, the hilarity and life-truth all mixed up together. Premiering this Friday, have a look at the trailer below.


Frame Le Classic Pea Coat

Crisp cotton with a touch of stretch, Frame’s timeless khaki pea coat is a lovely addition to a spring/summer capsule wardrobe.

Carven Striped cotton-poplin camisole

Layers, spring-colored layers. Add the stripes component, and I am sold. Carven’s cotton-poplin camisole is hard to find, but there are a few left to layer underneath a white blazer or khaki cardigan in the crisp summer evenings. A beautiful shade of a blue and a versatile item to wear well with many other pieces in your closet.


—Raden A22 Carry Suitcase 

It you are looking for a sturdy, technologically advanced, highly functional carry-on suitcase, I’ve found one for you. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago, Raden offers a reasonably priced product (less than $300) that not only gives you its precise location, but is also a charger for your devices, has a the ability to weigh itself and is made of quality materials to protect your items. Available in a wide array of colors, have a look here.



~recipe for Rhubarb Almond Cake with Bourbon Whipped Cream~

Spring is springing and energies and excitement are in the air in so many different walks of life. After planting the first few items in my garden this past weekend (have a glance here with Oscar as your host), I enjoyed a few evenings this past week sitting on my deck and enjoying a yard that is finally coming together. Now to plan an intimate gathering with friends to revel in the beautiful weather and scrumptious food and drink al fresco.

How is May going for you? I do hope it is going well. Perhaps it is moving quickly as it is for me, and maybe, just maybe, that is a very good sign to celebrate. Especially if you are enjoying each of the days and feeling fortunate to have another in this beautiful month.

Thank you as always for taking the time to stop by TSLL. I do hope you have a lovely weekend, and for your leisurely reading, I’ve gathered together a few articles you may enjoy: France, love, real-estate, relationships and style. Do enjoy and until Monday bonne journée!

~Ask a French Girl About Stress

~Looking for a Provence country home? This lovely abode is available.

~A worthwhile TEDTalk on The Mathematics of Love

~5 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic

~Relationships and Toxicity, discover 20 ways to separate the two.

~Let’s talk style! Key Style Skills to Master by the Age of 30

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3 thoughts on “This & That: No. 210

  1. There’s a new film out in the series of “Les Visiteurs”–the Visitors–in which a medieval knight, played straight by Jean Reno, and his idiot squire, played like a lunatic by Christian Clavier (who once played Napoleon–straight), are transported to the present. Hilarious chaos ensues. The original and the two sequels are highly recommended.

  2. Hi Shannon! Thanks for sharing these finds and inspirations! The rhubarb almond cake looks gorgeous and is the perfect idea for some pastry cooking this weekend! About that… I wish you a wonderful weekend too!

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