This & That: No. 207

Apr 29, 2016

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—Bobbi Brown’s Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer, spf 15

As a fan of Bobbi Brown’s makeup and especially her tinted moisturizer (it’s what I’ve been wearing for more than 10 years now), I was intrigued by her new offering. A subtle tinted moisturizer that covers redness but not your freckles; it appears to act a bit like a primer as well as a moisturizer. Something worth checking out for the upcoming summer months for a fresh-from-the-beach natural glow.


Enter Helen: The Invention of Helen Gurley Brown and the Rise of the Modern Single Woman by Brooke Hauser 

Cosmopolitan hasn’t necessarily been in my regular monthly magazine pile, but the tenacity and gumption of Helen Gurley Brown has always intrigued and inspired me to live life according to my own terms. While there have been a couple of biographies released prior about the the author of the still-talked about, Sex and the Single Girl, the latest released just last week dives into her journey from the Ozarks to her rise in New York City. Certainly something I’m eager to look into.

Cook.Nourish.Glow. 120 Recipes that will Help you Lose Weight, Look Younger and Feel Healthier by Amelia Freer

After her #1 International Best-Selling book Eat.Nourish.Glow., celebrity nutritionist Amelia Freer offers her latest book which is full of 100 meals and recipes described with detailed images to help readers look and feel their best. Released just this month, while I am curious to take a look at this book, I am doubly curious to check out her first book which shares 10 simple steps to look great, feel good and lose weight if need be.


Mother’s Day

If you enjoyed Garry Marshal’s previous films centered around the traditional celebrations of New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, you will want to stop into a theater this weekend and see his latest, Mother’s Day which premieres today. With a list of actors straight from the top of the most recognizable names’ list: Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and Jason Sudeikis as well as Courtney Cox, the film looks to be heart-felt and a laugh-out-loud comedy as well. Have a look at the trailer below.

Francophile Find

Savoir Faire: 1000+ Foreign Words & Phrases to Sound Smart by Laura Lee

Released just last month (March), Laura Lee has compiled 1000 words and phrases from a long list of languages such as French, German and even Japanese that will ensure you no longer make a fool of yourself during your travels even if you haven’t learned the actual language. Not a bad resource to have on hand, non?


Athleta Pacifica UPF Top (rash guard)

After sharing the idea of a capsule swimwear wardrobe, I wanted to share a great find if you are looking for rash guard tops. This specific design is available in nine different colors and is available in Regular, Tall, Petite or Plus. So many options and the V-neck zip. Yep, one will have to be mine.

Theory Soft Crepe Trench Coat

As mentioned in previous style posts, a trench is a must in the capsule wardrobe for versatility, and this is a trench that offers a touch of softness and sophistication. Available in black as well, Theory’s soft crepe trench coat is an investment that won’t leave you unsatisfied.



~recipe for Coconut Sugar Pie~

I don’t know about you, but the Coconut Sugar Pie from I Don’t Eat Oysters food blog is beckoning to be made and then devoured. Are you with me? Aside from the sugary sweets, spring is beginning to become even sweeter with calm, temperate weather, more blossoms on the trees and green in the yard. While this weekend will be a grading weekend as my students are nearing their annual exam, I plan on taking many breaks to step outside, walk the boys, work in the yard, stop by a favorite bakery or two and just enjoy following my own schedule.

A week to celebrate began on Monday with the 100th episode of The Simple Sophisticate, and with it an opportunity for readers and listeners to purchase TSLL book at a limited-time offer steep discount. Learn more here. The week of celebration continued as I mentioned on Wednesday I would be editing and redoing my living room. Why, you may be wondering? Well, I found a treasure of a sofa from a trusted and beloved consignment store that has an eye for the chic retro quality furniture we all dream of, but don’t want (or in my and many cases, can’t) to pay the full price if we had to purchase it new. I am beyond ecstatic to have been able to discover such a find, but soon it will be making its home in mine. Be sure to stay tuned as I will be taking you on a journey of the decorating process.

And yet another reason to celebrate it the arrival of the weekend, and boy am I ready. How about you? Below are a few items you might enjoy, and until Monday, bonne journée!

~The 8 Step Process to Be True to Yourself

~Inbox Zero: 8 Stept to Get You There

~3 Things Productive People Do in the Morning

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6 thoughts on “This & That: No. 207

  1. Congratulations on the podcast milestone!
    Though I have qualms about the messages sent by some women’s magazines, Helen Gurley Brown was important in her time for shaking things up.

  2. When I was in late Middle school I had a teacher that had us read a book a week and do book reports. I was not a fiction reader so there were limited options in the school library. My mother was a avid reader and let me choose from any of her books. One week I choose – “Sex and the single girl” by HGB. My mother was called to the principal’s office and I was “tattled” on for in appropriate material and “getting in” her private library. My mother defended me and made the principal read my book report. She insisted that the material was not inappropriate but rather a commentary on a lifestyle, the changing world for women and thought provoking. She scolded him for backward thinking and got him to agree that I had handled the material in my book report well and with maturity. I got an A. The Prinicpal never spoke to me again.

    I look back at my parents who grew up in the depression and made it through world wars and marvel at how luck I was to be their daughter. In spite of their generation’s bias, they saw the world changing, thanks to women like Helen, and encouraged me to be a strong and independent woman. I owe them and women like Helen everything.

  3. Thank you for the Helen Gurley Brown book recommendation. I was always interested in her life and her innovative attitude towards women when the rest of the world was stuck in a 1950’s mindset. She was a true pioneer.

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