This & That: No. 206

Apr 22, 2016

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Earlier this month I came across a style article in The Wall Street Journal that caught my eye as it profiled a unique website, one of the like I have never seen before. Apprécier is the brainchild of Cynthia Weber-Cleary, InStyle magazine’s former fashion director, and Stephanie Stahl, former head of marketing at leather-goods maker Coach. And it’s focus is finding clothing, stylish clothing, well-made clothing, for women 45+. Although, you not once is the age descriptor mentioned anywhere on the site, what you will find is a well-designed destination full of direct shopping options of brands that cater to women who want to dress well and avoid the fickle trends of each season. I have already signed up for their weekly newsletter, because although I am not yet 45, I appreciate their shopping finds, approach to style and overall aesthetic, and I think you will to.

Isabel Marant cotton and linen-blend shorts

Shorts are tricky. I am not typically a fan as they appear less formal if the length or fabric aren’t exactly what I am looking for. But during summer when comfort and casual is the goal, style doesn’t have to be lost. Isabel Marant’s cotton and linen-blend shorts are sold out everywhere else on the web and only a few remain at The Outnet, but they are worth the search as my pair just arrived yesterday. They run a bit large, so order according, but if have a warm skin tone, you will love them. Not too long, not too tight and available in an neutral color, these shorts are something I am looking forward to pairing with a light sweater in the evenings or a basic tee during the day. Maybe even a swimsuit top and sheer tunic when out on the water.

Nicholas Kirkwood Beya Flat

A lover of pointed toe heels, but recognizing that not every occasion is heels appropriate, I was fascinated with Nicholas Kirkwood’s Beya flat. With a wide array of colors, textures and prints, the style is classic. Shop here for classic colors, suede options here, yellow and blush here, black laser-cut here, and chevron print here.


The Catch

Having premiered in late March, ABC’s new drama The Catch (produced by Shonda Rhimes) has completely caught my attention. Starring a successful, determined and stylish private investigator Mirelle Enos as Alice Vaughn, be sure to begin with the pilot as it lays out the underlying premise for every subsequent episode. Have a look at the trailer below.

Veep on HBO

The fifth season of HBO’s Emmy Award winning comedy for Best Comedy Series Veep returns this Sunday at 7:30 pm. Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars as the less than competent former Senator Selina Meyer turned Vice President. Perhaps you had a chance to see her host Saturday Night Live last week, and if you did, you enjoyed, as I did the return of Elaine Benes from Seinfeld for a brief bit of bantering with Seinfeld creator Larry David. Be warned, the trailer below if full of more than a few profanities, but the satirical comedy offers improvisational scenes that are quite hilarious especially with the primary season we’re experiencing here in the United States.


4 in 1 Travel Adaptor

International travelers, a handy 4-in-1 adaptor from MoMA is a must-have if you’re looking for just this necessity. With two USB ports for charging all of your electronically devices, as well as accepting 100V to 240V, use it for travel to the United Kingdom, Europe or Australia. sFor $28, it’s not a bad find.

Rewirable & Plug

Another fantastic travel find is the rewirable powercube that features 5 additional power outlets and has in the back the  common IEC adapter. Learn more about it here.



~recipe for Raspberry Jam Rose Buns~

All right, the weekend . . . has . . . arrived. Sweet, happy day indeed. The past week in the world was full of news, both momentous and mournful, but as the last week of April nears, one of my favorite months is too quickly almost done sharing with us its amazing awesomeness (yes, I’m making that word a reality 😉 ). So what to do this weekend? The yard again is calling my name and so too is the annual TEDx here in Bend. With a handful of presenters I am eager to listen to, I am looking forward to experiencing this event for the first time.

What will you be up to? Sometimes not knowing is quite nice, and if that is the case for you, I wish you a wonderful time living in the moment and letting the two days unfold in such a way as to reveal their magic. Thank you very much for stopping by today and be sure to tune on Monday for the 100th episode of The Simple Sophisticate. I cannot believe the milestone has been reached so soon. In the meantime, a few and a few more articles you might enjoy. Until then, bonne journée!

~Don’t let the title of this post turn you away. Ask a French Girl, the series continues on Man Repeller. A refreshing take on finding balance and figuring out this thing called life.

~Am looking forward to visiting this restaurant when I return to Paris.

~20 Fun Ways to Insert Learning French into Your Daily Routine . . . am going to have to give some of these a try!

~Let go of these 6 Insanely Popular Ways to Waste a Life and you will be doing just fine.

~Women are making their way to the U.S. currency. Beginning with Harriet Tubman on the $20 and five other women on the back of the $10, including Alice Paul!

~Speaking of money . . . How to Spend Money So It Brings You More Well-Being

~It’s rhubarb season! Why not try Barefoot Contessa’s Rhubarb Strawberry Crumble.

~His music really does do the talking . . . Prince. A talent gone far too soon.

~Let’s end on an up note! 10 Quotes for Turning an Ending into a Beginning . . . 

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5 thoughts on “This & That: No. 206

  1. Good points about learning French. I found it helped to watch TV in French with the subtitles, to tease out the separate words. Of course, they say the best way to learn is “on the pillow”–that is, with a French lover!
    Although TV can help for learning French, eliminating even an hour of TV can sure help a person get things done.

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