This & That: No. 205

Apr 15, 2016

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Eligible: A Modern Retelling of Pride & Prejudice by Curtis Sittenfeld

Being released this coming Tuesday (April 19th), best-selling author Curtis Sittenfeld tells the modern revision of Pride & Prejudice. Not an easy task, as many would imagine as she relates here in The New York Times, the novel is set in Cinncinati with the twenty-first century Liz Bennet a magazine writer from NYC who returns home to Cincinnati when her father’s health begins to fail. A house full of sisters, the plot-lines will appear similar as Chip Bingley, having made an appearance on the reality show Eligible becomes smitten with Liz’s sister Jane. Being introduced to Chip’s friend, neurosurgeon Fitzwilliam Darcy, Liz finds him far from charming, but then, that is how the classic story begins as well. Addressing modern hot topic subjects such as gender issues, class, family and dating, Eligible looks quite enticing.

Mother Can You Not? by Kate Siegel

Inspired by über popular Instagrammer @CrazyJewishMom, Kate Siegel, authors Mother Can You Not?, a best-selling book released earlier this month full of essays chronicling her helicopter mom.

NW by Zadie Smith

Having heard continual raves and accolades for Zadie Smith’s NW since 2007 when the book was released, I found it beyond past due to share a book of fiction I think you will enjoy. Set in London, the dramedy follows four now locals trying to make their way in the world as adults after leaving their childhood home of Caldwell. Offering an extensive look into the neighbors of London, enjoy the highs and lows of their lives as well as a tour guide of a unique urban destination not equally anywhere else in the world.


It’s All Easy: Delicious Weekday Recipes for the Super-Busy Home Cook by Gwyneth Paltrow

Back with another cookbook, actress and lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow offers 125 recipes that are not only heathy and delicious but can be made in the same amount of time it takes to order take-out, minus the high sugar and processed ingredients.

—Good & Simple: Recipes to Eat Well & Thrive by Hemsley & Hemsley

After enjoying their first cookbook and philosophy on food, sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley have just released a second one earlier this week. Good & Simple contains 140 recipes that are gluten free, void of refined sugars and grains, but absolutely full of flavor to leave you energized and satisfied.


—by Malene Birger silk tunic (navy, black, red, ivory)

By Malene Birger is a collection which began in 2003 by Danish fashion designer, Ms. Birger herself. And I find myself continually gravitating toward her clean lines, classic colors and exquisite take on wardrobe essentials. Case in point, her silk tunics available in navy, black, red and ivory. The long sleeves and stylish design don’t leave you feeling as though you are wearing a box or a bag, but rather a luxurious item that moves with your body and accentuates your figure. (Note: 6 Danish Krones is equivalent to @ one dollar.)

La Ligne 

I was elated to learn of the new fashion line La Ligne which debuted last week. Founded by former Vogue editors and rag & bone’s former head of business development, their collection offers only essential quality items, all under $500. I have included three items above for you to look at, but be sure to check out the entire collection. Blending blue, black and white, with subtle stripes and grand, you will be certain to find at least one item to love.



I have been eager and patiently waiting for the debut of HBO’s film Confirmation. Starring and being co-produced by Kerry Washington who becomes Anita Hill, the woman at the center of the 1991 Supreme Court hearing to confirm justice Clarence Thomas (played by Wendell Pierce), the film depicts the the controversy that erupted from these hearings. Hill, an assistant at the time to Clarence Thomas at the Department of Education, now a professor at Brandeis University, accused Thomas of sexual harassment. The events provoked an open conversation about men and women in the workplace that had irreversible effects. Have a look at the trailer below and tune on Saturday night (tomorrow) at 8pm eastern time on HBO.



~recipe for Cremini Fontina Pizza~

Between sunshine and snow flurries, rest and play, I am looking forward to a weekend of celebration and relaxation. After all, tax day is today, and while the extension to pay your annual taxes is extended until the 18th due to a holiday in D.C., having everything wrapped up for another year is a very good feeling indeed. Thus the champagne or sparkling wine that will need to be opened and the moment to pause and pay gratitude that will occur is something I will be sure not to forget. And as for play, such an occasion could take place in the kitchen with a new recipe as it did last weekend or perhaps around town as I am pondering a venture to a few new shops I have yet to step foot into. Who knows? Isn’t that the beauty of the weekend?

In the meantime, I have quite a few worthwhile articles for you to read (see below). Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of reason to celebration and revel in simply to have a few days to recalibrate and enjoy. Until Monday, bonne journée!

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~Letting go of those waste of time worries . . . Thoughts on Bras as Understood by the French

~Sharon Santoni has done it again . . . French Lessons: The Al Fresco Dining Season 

~Did you know? This past weekend, the house purchased by Alice Paul became the first First National Monument to Women’s History in the United States.

~Amazing bloggers to check out . . . 13 Bloggers Over 40 You Should Follow

~Francophiles, you may be interested . . . 10 Secrets of the Louvre, The World’s Most Visited Museum

~Simple changes . . . 13 Healthy Habits That Are Actually Hurting You

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9 thoughts on “This & That: No. 205

  1. I well remember watching the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings in 1991. They were riveting. It was painfully obvious that Anita Hill was telling the truth. She reeked integrity. She also passed a lie-detector test. Clarence Thomas, on the other hand, spoke volumes with his anger and disdain. The senators did nothing to help Ms. Hill.

    Unfortunately, Thomas went on to be confirmed to the post. Since then, his abysmal record of voting is public knowledge and he has been an embarrassment.

    After the hearings, there was an excellent book written about him entitled, “Strange Justice: The Selling of Clarence Thomas” by Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson. New Yorker writer Mayer’s and Wall Street Journal reporter Abramson’s account of the distortions and manipulations surrounding Clarence Thomas’s confirmation to the Surpreme Court and the accompanying smear campaign against Anita Hill was nominated for both the NBCC and the NBA.

  2. Deborah I am interested to read the book that you mentioned about Thomas. Even though I live in Australia the Hill/Thomas hearing was a significant story here back in the 90s, my reactions and observations were similar to yours so I’m intrigued to read the book.

    Shannon thank you so much for linking to Gather and Dine, I was so enamoured with the site I added it to my Feedly list.

    1. Hi, Rose…you can purchase the book on Amazon or perhaps you can order it from your local library. Highly recommended. Very well-researched.

  3. I just picked up a copy of “It’s All Easy.” I really like the recipes except for the dessert section. I’m making the little Soca pizzas this week. I also had an opportunity to hear the Hemsley Sisters speak at the Cherry Bombe Jubilee. They love to make soup and just opened a restaurant at Selfridges in London. I hope to visit in June.

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