This & That: No. 203

Apr 01, 2016

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The Love & Lemons Cookbook: An Apple-to-Zucchini Celebration of Impromptu Cooking by Jeanine Donofrio

Have you ever gone to the farmer’s market and asked yourself, how can I use this ingredient? It looks amazing, but how do I incorporate it into my cooking? Well, blogger Jeanine Donofrio, organizing her new cookbook which was just released this past Tuesday by individual ingredients, shows you how. From how to stock your pantry, to options for vegan eaters, visit her blog to see why Saveur named her blog the Best Cooking Blog in 2014.


Equipment Lillian Cotton PJ short set

With spring upon us and summer soon to follow, cooler sleep attire is a must. However, donning something appropriate with family and friends as you sip your coffee and nibble on your croissant in the morning is also important. Equipment’s new striped set of cotton pajamas offers exactly what you may just need, style and a for certain grand night’s sleep.

Mango Flowy Trench (more colors)

Spring coats bridge the transition period between wool and puffers and, well nothing but the blouse or dress we choose to wear for the day. And Mango has a bevy of options to choose from at very reasonable prices. This particular flowy trench is available in four colors and might just offer just enough warm to break the breeze, but not too much to overwhelm.

Rachel Zoe Nadia Hinge bracelet

Rachel Zoe loves her costume jewelry and while always seeming to offer a hinge bracelet each season, the ‘Nadia’ makes a statement without going overboard.

~Urban Outfitters’ S’well 17 oz Wood Water Bottle (more colors)

Earlier this month, I spotted one of my students with this wood water bottle that claims to keep your water cool for 24 hours and your coffee hot for 12. Highly functional as well as stylish, it fits into a traditional cup holder in your vehicle and is streamlined to please the eye as well.


—Grantchester, season 2 premiere

I am a little late to the two television offerings mentioned in today’s This & That, but they are both worth being reminded of. Grantchester returned just this past Sunday for its second season on PBS at 9pm. The pair of sleuths, the Vicar (James Norton) and the Cop (Robson Green) return to 1950s England and bring back to the screen James Muncie’s murder mystery novels starring in the leading role, Sidney Chambers. Have a peek at the season below.

—Mr. Selfridge on PBS, final season

And one more! The final season of Mr. Selfridge also kicked off this past Sunday and for nine seasons, running through May 22nd, will return viewers to the self-made London department store, but of course not without a little drama. See a trailer of the season below, and view it Sunday evenings on PBS at 10pm.



~recipe for Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake~

Spring is most definitely here and this week is full of inspiration on the blog for a fresh start. Beginning with a lovely conversation with blogger and author Sharon Santoni which aired on the podcast on Monday. Speaking about all things French always makes me smile (be sure to enter the giveaway for one of her books by Sunday!), and today TSLL Spring Shopping Guide was just released to newsletter subscribers (are you one? If not, sign up here.) And before I forget, TSLL Shop is completed updated to help you update your capsule wardrobe whether it is for Spring or Fall. Have a look here.

The gift the beginning of a new season brings is priceless, and spring offers us an opportunity to get it right again, whether it’s with our attitude, wardrobe or tinkering in our yard. Embrace the change and strive forward with confidence knowing that the change you seek is most definitely possible. Have a wonderful weekend and for your leisurely reading, a few articles below you might enjoy. Bon week-end!

~The Life Biz . . . a New Yorker contributor contemplates the insatiable appetite to improve both in work and in life.

~Why not let these bad habits we tell ourselves are okay go . . . 9 Mental Habits that Will Turn You Bitter Over Time

~This New York Times writer based in Paris shares her thoughts on the attack in Brussels, Je Suis Sick of This

~Politics aside, a handful of the back and forth between candidates about women had me cringing, and writer Jennifer Weiner explains perfectly what I felt in Naked Lady Politics

~In lighter news . . . 44 Ways Being Active Makes You Live a More Happier & Meaningful Life

~14 Daily Habits that will make you Healthier Every Single Day

~An exciting shift is taking place . . . Millennials Gone Mild

~Last, but not least . . . Confessions of a Happy Introvert

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4 thoughts on “This & That: No. 203

  1. Check out Robson and Gerome’s redition of “I believe” on Utube- Granchesters’ Police Detective in a previous life!

  2. Shannon This and That is always a treasure trove of links, this week’s winner for me is the NY Times piece by Pamela Druckerman. Thank you.

    In the spirit of sharing you and your students may be interested in looking at Cal Newport’s blog. Cal is a young assistant professor at MIT who has written about preparing for college, studying at college, life at college. Start at the beginning of his writings for the best of these posts as later ones have a different focus with his own continued work changes.

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