2015 Top Thoughts from the Editor

Dec 30, 2015

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One post that began late 2014 that has quickly become one of my favorites to write is the Thoughts from the Editor. Appearing sporadically on either Wednesday or Thursday, the post has become a way to share with you my thoughts at any given time on any given subject.

Many readers wish I would share more of my life on the blog, but most importantly, TSLL is about how to inspire readers to live their own simply luxurious life. I don’t pretend to assume the way I live will be the best solution for everyone; therefore, I strive to offer insights inspired from readings, research and other experts and only include my experience as appropriate.

However, I do understand the curiosity, and therefore, Instagram has become the best way to see how I do live my own simply luxurious life should readers and listeners be curious. Similarly, the Thoughts from the Editor also offers me a place to discuss any number of things that may be of interest to me at the given moment. From morning rituals to SJP’s birthday and Style Inspiration to my announcement of moving to Bend, it has become a post that readers engage and share and get to know one another a little bit more.

As 2016 begins look for more of these posts to keep you in touch with how life in general is going and see a glimpse into my life. Below are the Top 10 Thoughts from the Editor posts from the past year, but you can see them all here.

~A New You Awaits! 


~Settling In


~Cafe Time = Me Time


~Letting Go of Stuff


~A Weekly Routine to Love: My Weekly Market Visit


~Morning Rituals


~I Am A Searcher


~23 Lessons Learned in NYC & New Canaan


~Bend, Sweet Bend

3 thoughts on “2015 Top Thoughts from the Editor

  1. These are my favorite of your posts. Like I mentioned in my last comment, you do an impressive job of encouraging your readers to be a better “them” rather than a better “you.” It shows your genuine caring for your readers, and I appreciate that about you. Your ability to say “I like to do it this way, but perhaps you may also like to achieve it that way, or maybe even THAT way” sets you apart.

    On a totally separate note, after reading through your book twice on my Kindle, I finally decided I needed it in paper so I could highlight and take notes for future reference. I’m not one to read books more than once, so it should tell you that I find yours very inspiring. Thank you for having the courage to be yourself.

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