2014 Top Motivational Posts

Dec 29, 2014

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Living a simply luxurious life brings with it an understanding that rather than being handed a roadmap of how we should live our lives, we must determine and create the roadmap for ourselves. A roadmap tailored to our values, interests, experiences and talents. This is not an easy task to assume, as it is indeed a choice. Many people, organizations, societies, would gladly hand out a map that would align with their needs and wants rather than your own, but the only great life, Diane Vreeland reminds in the quote I include at the bottom of the blog, is the one we know we want and we make it for ourselves.

Each Monday, whether on the blog or on The Simple Sophisticate podcast, inspiration for how to build your own unique simply luxurious life was shared and has been since 2010. Below you will find readers’ top posts from the past twelve months, but if you would like to view all of the 51 posts shared, click here.   To read the entire post for 2014 top entries, simply click on the image.


4 thoughts on “2014 Top Motivational Posts

  1. Great recap of posts. I especially love “How to Become a Woman Comfortable in Her Own Skin” and “Self Acceptance: A Powerful Tool”. Both of these things I need to work on this new year, Happy 2015!

  2. Hi Shannon. I love your blog & I recently purchased your book on kindle but as I can’t tear myself away from these fab archive posts I’ve only read the intro. Haha. I do love how personal your book is & I no longer feel guilty about my reclusive ways. Who knew you could love fabulous things & not have an outgoing nature. I’m a big believer in elevating the ordinary & living simply but surrounded by beautiful things & I find so much inspiration from your blog.

    1. Sharon,
      Thank you for your comment and for continuing to stop by even though you are enjoying the book. 🙂 While it took me a long time to find peace with my introversion, it ultimately freed me. Truly the best gift we can give ourselves is to respect our innate nature and nurture it however feels right and best. Wishing you a lovely 2015. xoxo

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