2014 Top Decor Inspiration Posts

Dec 30, 2014


One’s home is a place of refuge, respite and sought tranquility. Our sanctuaries refill, restore and refresh us so that we can step back out into the world offering it our best selves. For nearly a year, Decor Inspiration shared beautiful homes from around the world. As you will see, clean, creative aesthetics captured my attention. And while this post is no longer regular, from time to time I still plan on sharing homes that catch my eye and fit the definition of simply luxurious.

Have a look at the entire year of Decor Inspiration here.

Paris Perfect

Grandeur at the Beach

The Good Wife’s Great Space

Underdone Style

A Beautiful Conversion

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One thought on “2014 Top Decor Inspiration Posts

  1. I love the Paris kitchen with the copper pots! So pretty! Love the bedroom too, with it’s simple whites and rustic hardwood floor. Very peaceful.

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